Are you able to reasonably explain to me why gay marriage should be illegal, without using the bible or any religious text?

Posted by: retrogamer176

  • Yes, and here is my reasons:

  • No

73% 11 votes
27% 4 votes
  • based upon evolution gays would be classified as having a mental illness.

    Posted by: mdmark
  • Won't be able to pass on their fabulous genes. HAHAHA, get it because genes could be interpreted as jeans, which is a joke because Gays have a amazing sense of fashion.

  • If you make civil unions equal to marriage then you basically have no need to legalize gay marriage. Why fight over a word marriage with people who strongly feel it is between a man and a women?

  • There are just so so many reasons. Including those above ... Tax reasons, fads made constitutional amendment, procreation (no religion involved), promotes segregation and classes, shallows human intellect by promoting practice of base instinct ... even if it happens to be twisted, is a gateway for other acceptance. People are impressionable and stupid. What you think sounds harmless on paper and in theory easily becomes a problem when popularized. Affirmative action ... I almost forgot that one. Overcomplicates sex, confuses youth, confuses everyone really. Additional hardship on businesses and accommodations for people. Counters the ideas behind desegregation and unity. Just tons and tons of stuff.

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retrogamer176 says2015-04-29T14:41:37.3157306-05:00
Excuse me people voting yes, but you need to give me these reasons.
xhammy says2015-04-29T14:42:04.4627306-05:00
Retro this should be in opinions
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-29T14:42:25.2904426-05:00
Bias poll based on pictures.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-29T14:42:37.5678000-05:00
Good point.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-29T14:43:33.9845306-05:00
@mathgeek Dear lord, why do you consider EVERY SINGLE POLL biased? Where is my bias?
heil61 says2015-04-29T14:45:31.4944298-05:00
"Some of the strongest current evidence that some people are born gay is based on a phenomenon called the fraternal birth order effect"
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-29T14:47:23.2698628-05:00
"Dear lord, why do you consider EVERY SINGLE POLL biased? Where is my bias?" I said the pictures were bias. I personally disagree with the picture for yes, yet my answer to my question is yes.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-29T14:51:00.4693306-05:00
@mathgeek Just because you disagree with this doesn't make it biased.
Craighawley215 says2015-04-29T15:07:27.1665418-05:00
Retrogamer176, based on the pictures, I'd have to agree that this poll appears biased. You are asking for nonreligious reasons why gay marriage should be illegal, but the picture for the "Yes" column is of Fred Phelps, a fairly infamous pastor of a ridiculously small, highly offensive, cult-like fraction of a sect of Christianity. Based on your choice of picture, you seem to suggest that there is no nonreligious reason to oppose gay marriage, and your choice of picture also implies that you liken any gay marriage opposition to WBC followers, which is entirely inaccurate. If you were honestly trying to pose an unbiased question, then why would you use a photo of Fred Phelps, along with 2 signs with offensive rhetoric? My conclusion is that you are clearly biased.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-29T15:14:53.0326605-05:00
"Just because you disagree with this doesn't make it biased." The picture doesn't represent the yes side accurately, that is why it is bias.
Varrack says2015-04-29T15:17:23.2830605-05:00
This poll is awful. I refuse to vote yes with that picture, as it implies that the reasons for me being against gay marriage are because God hates gay people.
Varrack says2015-04-29T15:19:17.8668086-05:00
@Craighawley I agree 100%
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-29T15:52:36.8628605-05:00
I agree ... Biased. But I didn't state the religious garb that guy in the pic did ... So I can claim to be disassociated with it right? I didn't bring in the religious connotation ... The poster of the debate did.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-29T17:16:43.1168838-05:00
"Excuse me people voting yes, but you need to give me these reasons.'' It looks like only people voting yes have reasons ... Er reason ... Both.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-29T19:09:24.4100068-05:00
I get it people, I'm no longer looking at this poll. I'm paying attention to those that answer in the opinion section:
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-30T09:23:48.9049108-05:00
Well I won't copy paste it over there for you. It all still applies though.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-30T09:45:25.9211390-05:00
@freedombeforeequality The reasons will be stupid and dead wrong no matter where you put it.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-30T10:14:19.5869652-05:00
Why ask for answers then in the form of a poll when you seem to already know everything? Carry on with your bad self.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-30T10:16:23.4837536-05:00
It's fun to watch teenagers bumble through life and get smacked in the face by reality once in awhile. Learn the hard way. See if I care.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-30T11:25:47.1865721-05:00
@freedombeforeequality I think your talking about yourself?
retrogamer176 says2015-04-30T11:32:17.6345584-05:00
The question mark was a typo sorry.

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