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BblackkBbirdd says2015-04-03T03:53:26.2661574-05:00
I'm a bird! I have no fears!
cludwig says2015-04-03T03:57:24.9996232-05:00
Adding to my vote comment - I am a rock climber, mountaineer, expedition leader and former climbing instructor. That being said, I have a healthy fear of heights. That may seem strange at first, but it has what has kept me alive over a 25 year period of climbing. A climber who is not afraid of heights is a dangerous one and one I don't want to climb with. I have had a few climbing buddies who lacked this fear who are now quite dead from climbing accidents; I do not believe this to be a coincident. I still get knots in my stomach if I am up a thousand feet up on an ice face and look down. That is healthy.
BblackkBbirdd says2015-04-03T05:32:53.5779324-05:00
Dilara says2015-04-03T11:46:45.2947426-05:00
On rides like roller-casters and stuff I'm not afraid at all because your all strapped in. But with out any type of seat belt or protection id be very scared.
cludwig says2015-04-03T13:39:26.5358707-05:00
That is a wise observation Dilara. When I am climbing with anchors and a rope, I do not feel fear. Free climbing is quite different however.
BblackkBbirdd says2015-04-03T13:40:19.4503923-05:00
I would never do that.
cludwig says2015-04-03T13:42:45.8680088-05:00
@BblackkBbirdd - I think I would see great fear in your eyes if I took you 9000 feet up an exposed and windy ice-arete.

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