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Overdone topic is overdone.

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Seriously, just look at the "big issues" section if you're curious.

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PetersSmith says2014-12-05T17:43:57.4556657-06:00
YamaVonKarma: Whatever? Don't you mean whomever?
Conservative101 says2014-12-05T19:58:35.2579992-06:00
No, it's whatever. Cats deserve marriage equality too.
carriead20 says2014-12-05T20:01:29.0844405-06:00
^^ This guy knows
PapaNolan says2014-12-05T20:12:56.2820605-06:00
People need to stop using religion as an excuse, to go against gay marriage.
wildmanz says2014-12-05T21:53:00.7171686-06:00
I don't care what people do in their spare time Papa Nolan your are correct by the Christian religion all sins are equal so it Is the same as murder or saying the dress makes you look thin its all the same but the church shouldn't just promote hay be gay
atheist-eo says2014-12-06T13:00:46.1360729-06:00
Cats cannot give legal consent.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-12-06T13:04:40.0047122-06:00
Its interesting really. I do feel as if gay marriage will flow by naturally, and will be legalized at some point in the future all over regardless, unless we get wiped extinct. It just seems.. Human to me.
Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-08T16:21:53.3410255-06:00
More gibberish ... Queer sex & queer marriage are, of course, 2 different things. There's no such thing as same sex marriage. 2 members of the same sex can't get married. It doesn't matter whether people are for or against same sex marriage. Nor does it matter whether same sex marriage is legal or not. Queers can't have children, so homosexuality is Individualistic, & Racial, Suicide.
Mister_Man says2014-12-08T16:42:40.8802339-06:00
"There's no such thing as same sex marriage" .....Uhhhhhh what about when two people of the same sex get married?
komododragon8 says2014-12-08T18:47:00.8595700-06:00
LeRoy: most of that made no sense.

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