• Yeah

  • Nope

50% 11 votes
50% 11 votes
  • except jumping spiders, they so cute

  • I am just scared of spiders not any other arachnid. I am scared of spiders because of those little hairs on their legs, they are poisonous, and they are so secretive that I swear they must be ninjas.

  • They can hurt or kill you, that's the only thing.

  • Only in confined spaces I am. A white tip spider jumped on my face once from the top of the door. It came in through the windows and lay eggs in my closet so now I am wary whenever I pass the door, open the window or get clothing.... Good job me!

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Formerland1 says2014-06-16T20:26:39.4712473-05:00
I'm very afraid of spiders especially the jumping ones . Funny story I ended up trashing my room trying to kill a spider but in my defence it was one inch long and the fly swatted wouldn't kill it when it comes to spiders or mosasaurs all logic goes out the window

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