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Christianityis a monotheistic religion centered on the life and teachings ofJesus of Nazareth as presented in the Holy Bible. Christiansbelieve Jesus to be the Son of God and the Messiah prophesied in theOld Testament. With an estimated 2.1 billion adherents in 2001,Christianity is the world's largest religion. It is the predominantreligion in Europe, the Americas, Sub-Saharan Africa, the PhilippineIslands, Australia, and New Zealand. Itis also growing rapidly in Asia, particularly in China and SouthKorea. Christianity began in the 1st century AD as a Jewishsect, and shares many religious texts with Judaism, specifically theHebrew Bible, known to Christians as the Old Testament. Like Judaism and Islam, Christianity is classified asan Abrahamic religion.



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No correlation with religion.



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Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-12T13:53:32.2710376-05:00
Why do people hate science ? Everything we know of comes from science!
Owlz says2014-05-12T15:03:37.9730987-05:00
Because Pokemon > Science
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-12T16:07:32.3750987-05:00
LogicPrevails says2014-05-12T20:08:57.9266987-05:00
A catholic is a theist why is it a separate category?
dichotomyslave says2014-05-12T22:24:41.5542200-05:00
Yes I am atheist and we get asked this every five minutes.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-13T14:20:59.8079592-05:00
Theist is different from catholic and christianity
SNP1 says2014-05-13T14:22:37.9132847-05:00
Migrating_Hacker: No, it is not. Theism just means you believe in a god. Christianity (which includes Catholicism) believes in a god. That means Christianity IS theism.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-13T14:26:04.9252847-05:00
When you say God capitalized it because God is not just any god pls.Thank you
SNP1 says2014-05-13T14:30:26.7454577-05:00
Migrating_Hacker: Yes, but God is still a god, meaning that it is still theism.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-13T14:34:16.0600847-05:00
True ,but any other god has been slowly abandoned by time ,so have more respect for those unstudied believers.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-13T14:34:34.2028847-05:00
You can easily beat them .
SNP1 says2014-05-13T14:36:33.9538577-05:00
Hinduism has existed longer than Christianity. The amount of time a religion has existed does not impact if it is true or not.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-13T22:07:34.0986000-05:00
But didnĀ“t Christanity existed around or started around 60 bc i repeat around.
SNP1 says2014-05-14T07:25:00.3954707-05:00
Hinduism can be traced back to about 5500 BCE. That is over 7000 years. Christianity has only existed since about 30 CE (could have started earlier, but not that much earlier). That is about 2000 years. Hinduism is A LOT older than Christianity, so is Buddhism.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-14T11:09:41.9662644-05:00
What about islam?
SNP1 says2014-05-14T11:51:23.5423637-05:00
Islam arose in about 600 CE, making it about 1400 years old, not quite as old as Christianity. It did, however, spread EXTREMELY quickly when it started. The reason it did not spread as far as Christianity is because ONE. Islam was more focused on keeping the holy land of Palestine, so they did not have as much reason to spread out. TWO. Islam was spreading when most of the world was deeply religious with another religion. This made it harder to convert people the farther away from where Mohammed preached. They still were able to convert people, but the existence of other religions, especially ones with power, made it harder. THREE. Christianity had existed for about 600 years longer, meaning they had already spread out quite a bit. This made it so Christians were able to get access to better weapon and technology than the Muslims. Because of this, when Islam started to spread into areas with a heavy Christian population they would cause the Christians to want to fight back, so Islam had to fight Holy Wars to progress further. Islam won some battles, Christianity won some others. NOW, the reason Christianity has spread over the world so easily is actually due to luck. Europe was almost completely Christian dominated, so they has easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. Europe was also, unlike Africa, rich with resources. This made it so when better boats were built that Christianity would be spread to the Americas. Christians spread Christianity in the Americas by 2 methods, one was the same as missionaries today, help them out and spread the word. The other, which was used more often and was the reason of the success, was spreading by force. They thought of the natives as savage and uncivilized, by their standards, and felt that they needed to learn Christianity or be punished. Islam, on the other hand, had more control in Africa. If Africa was the continent with the resources and not Europe then there would be a chance that Islam would be the main religion in the Americas, not Christianity.
Ambassador95 says2014-05-15T12:24:14.0292175-05:00
The reason that Catholic and Theist are separate categories is due to the different specificity of each one. In short, all Catholics are Theists, but not all Theists are Catholic.
Migrating_Hacker says2014-05-19T11:01:07.9761145-05:00
I made a mistake with the Buddhism and Christianity I meant the theism belief not Christianity.

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