Are you attracted to dominance or submission in a romantic/sexual partner?

Posted by: vaguelyjewishclearlyfab

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wildmanz says2015-01-02T22:56:07.7300999-06:00
Hanspete your such the dominant male
vaguelyjewishclearlyfab says2015-01-02T22:58:40.7807188-06:00
Ooooh...Me likey
Hanspete says2015-01-02T22:59:16.3796906-06:00
vaguelyjewishclearlyfab says2015-01-02T22:59:23.8154296-06:00
Jay kay, I'm not here to date haha
wildmanz says2015-01-02T22:59:40.4191365-06:00
Lol you follow my tracks with what he said lol
Hanspete says2015-01-02T23:00:43.5519318-06:00
Hey this boy is taken!!! :D
vaguelyjewishclearlyfab says2015-01-02T23:06:39.2452517-06:00
Range: oh
Range says2015-01-02T23:07:47.3856149-06:00
wildmanz says2015-01-02T23:08:39.7388793-06:00
Range don't judge
Hanspete says2015-01-02T23:09:23.8553965-06:00
Gonna have everyone vote on it now, :D
Range says2015-01-02T23:09:41.9805062-06:00
Lol. I can't judge debates yet so I'm flustered >.<
Hanspete says2015-01-02T23:10:21.0947094-06:00
Haha :D
Range says2015-01-02T23:21:05.6012981-06:00
Although I like to tease, especially with my comments, this poll is interesting. I thought submission would be chosen more since I imagine debaters as being opinionated/fiercer, yet the 2-4 here chose dominance. If it were on a larger scale it would change my viewpoint but instead gives me food for thought. Sorry if I was judgmental, VJCF (I don't know what else to call the poll creator and not be offensive). I suppose I was hoping to be proven wrong there as well, or at least dismissed.
vaguelyjewishclearlyfab says2015-01-02T23:33:03.4618964-06:00
Well Range, you see that often in the kink subculture. Assertive people who revert to complete doormats in the bedroom. We all secretly crave something. However, I don't really live this "double life." I'm passive and mild-mannered in most situations
wildmanz says2015-01-02T23:33:45.3803332-06:00
Except in the bedroom
Hanspete says2015-01-02T23:35:25.9505126-06:00
Omg was that really necessary!!!
vaguelyjewishclearlyfab says2015-01-02T23:35:48.6492375-06:00
Wildmanz, what?
wildmanz says2015-01-02T23:37:21.2502439-06:00
Well you voted for dominate and you don't have the "double life" (its midnight everthing is a big joke to me at this point in time)
wildmanz says2015-01-02T23:38:00.0627951-06:00
Hanspete got it though he understood
Hanspete says2015-01-02T23:38:31.4341940-06:00
I really wish I hadn't!
vaguelyjewishclearlyfab says2015-01-02T23:38:38.2825501-06:00
Ok, I want a dominant partner. What point are you trying to make? XD
wildmanz says2015-01-02T23:39:09.5302472-06:00
Oh opposites attract... Is that what it is
vaguelyjewishclearlyfab says2015-01-02T23:40:15.6829439-06:00
Well, a dominant person usually would not want another dominant person
wildmanz says2015-01-02T23:40:58.2604359-06:00
Example Michel Obama is dominate and Barack is submission (no offence to democrats)
wildmanz says2015-01-02T23:48:03.8101249-06:00
Sorry don't take anything i do too serious
vaguelyjewishclearlyfab says2015-01-02T23:54:51.0143146-06:00
Oh Wildmanz...
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2015-01-03T02:14:57.3607277-06:00
Hanspete needs a toybox
wildmanz says2015-01-09T16:07:17.8689873-06:00 this is what han like and everyone should know

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