Are you Conservative or Liberal?

Posted by: Conservatism

Just want to see what the majority is.

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BrendanD19 says2016-08-08T23:33:31.7261219Z
Democratic Socialist
Amedexyius says2016-08-09T01:06:58.5774864Z
Quasi-Socialist (Little harder than Democratic Socialist).
harrytruman says2016-08-09T01:15:37.5370662Z
distraff says2016-08-09T01:23:03.0186453Z
Obviously a conservative made this. The largest picture is Ronald Reagan. The picture of Obama and Clinton aren't that great. Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren aren't shown yet less popular Congress figures like Pelosi and Reid are shown when no Republican equivalents are shown. None of the living Republican presidents, the Bushes, are shown. Donald Trump the Republican nominee isn't shown.
Conservatism says2016-08-09T02:36:36.6405087Z
@Distraff Go make a poll with this exact title. It gives you recommendations as to what to use. And I used this picture, not quite being able to make out all of the people but I used it to represent people in each party. I feel like you're over exaggerating and taking a little bit too much offense to this. It's a poll dude. I just want to see what my fellow debaters are politically as i'm told this is a majority liberal site. And of course a conservative made this. My name is conservatism lmfao.
Amedexyius says2016-08-09T02:38:57.4366401Z
@Conservatism I always thought this site was Libertarian conservative.
Conservatism says2016-08-09T02:38:59.6172582Z
@Llama_of_Power Quite the statement, I'm guessing you're just trying to get a ruse out of the conservatives?
Conservatism says2016-08-09T02:40:05.1254740Z
@amedexyius I have no idea, I was just told by a couple of members and I saw a few polls where the majority were liberal. I could be wrong though. I'm fairly new.
distraff says2016-08-09T02:49:44.4244581Z
You showed the Republicans in the most favorable light and democrats in the least favorable light. I am not offended, just pointing out your bias.
distraff says2016-08-09T02:58:38.2238092Z
Here are some good pictures for Republicans: Reagan: https://upload.Wikimedia.Org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/16/Official_Portrait_of_President_Reagan_1981.Jpg/220px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Reagan_1981.Jpg Bush: https://upload.Wikimedia.Org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d4/George-W-Bush.Jpeg/220px-George-W-Bush.Jpeg Trump: https://lh5.Googleusercontent.Com/-Sv0q6lkSAGM/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAADA/V2au8qwIkVA/s0-c-k-no-ns/photo.Jpg Ryan: https://upload.Wikimedia.Org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e2/Paul_Ryan--113th_Congress--.Png/220px-Paul_Ryan--113th_Congress--.Png
Conservatism says2016-08-09T02:58:56.4135258Z
@Distraff I think you really need to find something else to be offended at. Whether they're favorable or not, they're democratic. It was a simple picture. Made this poll in about 45 seconds. Like I said, that's the picture that was recommended to me. I didn't waste time looking who was on it. I saw democrats vs republicans and I picked it.
distraff says2016-08-09T03:31:47.6577619Z
Replace your picture: http://www.Debate.Org/distraff/photos/album/5838/42206/
Conservatism says2016-08-09T04:02:03.9131082Z
@distraff I don't need to do a single thing you tell me to, so no. Don't ever tell me how to conduct anything I do. It's my poll. Not yours. Pathetic.
Throwback says2016-08-09T04:15:25.6665439Z
What is with the obsession with the picture? I wouldn't care if Ronald Reagan was a microscopic picture in the gallery. It wouldn't take away from him being the greatest president since the 1860's.
Foxian says2016-08-09T06:29:24.7722011Z
Distraff, you're a bit too fixated on the picture...
Llama_of_Power says2016-08-09T17:25:21.9008844Z
@Conservatism I'm an Argentinean immigrant in the USA. When I first came here, there were a lot of racists in my school and they were also conservatives. I don't like that part of the USA.
Conservatism says2016-08-09T20:24:54.2588908Z
@Llama_of_Power I highly doubt that a majority of racists in your school were conservative, because it's high school. Do you know how little knowledge this generation has concerning politics? You can claim you're democrat or republican but that doesn't mean anything if you don't even know what a fiscal cliff is, or a government subsidy. You don't see me calling all muslims terrorists, but if I did that would be racist and hateful. So it's not racist or hateful to call all conservatives racist? Your logic is flawed.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-09T21:00:00.8298010Z
I am a "liberal" by this country's standards because I believe in a more equitable economy, freedom, and autonomy.
karlmarx59 says2016-08-09T21:03:00.3268528Z
@Throwback: I believe you made a typo in your comment? Reagan was the WORST president in the last 30+ years. It's okay, I'm sure it was just an over sight. :)
karlmarx59 says2016-08-11T20:01:49.4250398Z
I don not think rationality equates with conservatism, I E Donald Trump. Also, NEWLIFECHRISTIAN, your religious doctrine does not correlate with the conservative ideology. So living in cognitive dissonance aside, how do you explain your stance? You made a biased comment about liberalism and the actions of conservatives flies in the face of Christianity...This is a dichotomy of ideologies? Do you not want to extend a better life for the disenfranchised? Do you have a disdain for minorities, people who are not cookie cutter likeness of you and your ideas? Do you not believe in an advancing world, evolution perhaps? Change is inevitable. Life is not inert. Hate is a cancer. Love is above hate. Being conservative doesn't have to have the stigma attached as it has had since Hoover, but alas it does. And the most sad part is the people that regail themselves as Christians or working class uneducated whites that cling to the conservative ideology simply to be a back door racist, xenophobe, homophobic or just someone who cannot except anyone non white protestant. That is emotional, fear responses to propaganda and not facts about the world we live in. You do not have to agree with me or other loving and giving people, but if you want to claim Christian ideologies, you do have to stop cherry picking you ideas to fit your inadequacies and rage. It is just plain old hypocrisy that divides people and a nation.
NewLifeChristian says2016-08-13T20:26:29.2856337Z
@karlmarx59 Why can't someone be a conservative and a Christian? How does conservatism "fly in the face of Christianity"?
Throwback says2016-08-14T01:13:23.8890774Z
@NewLifeChristian: Maslow doesn't understand Christianity. It is more in consonance with conservatism than with liberalism.
mdmark says2016-08-19T00:56:46.8942768Z
@thebslee. Ummm no, we actually don"t worship the flag (would be a false idol for most christian conservatives), we want lower taxes for EVERYONE... Meaning rich and poor, and the whole point of deporting people would be to get rid of the ILLEGAL people living in our country (we have an immigration system for a reason).
HippieGuitarBoy says2016-08-28T15:40:28.5237394Z

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