Are you enthusiastic about at least one of the major nominees?

Posted by: Politics2016

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Oh hell yeah!!

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Lord no.

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mikeantonni says2016-11-08T01:31:41.2045358Z
No more Corruption in the White House. Clinton's has many years at the White House and we are still down and waiting for promises of the politics for just our votes then nothing. Our money goes for the president to use Air Force One for personal and political use. And we pay. That's all. We Pay and Vote for NOTHING!!!
mikeantonni says2016-11-08T01:36:18.6211141Z
No More Corruption In The White House. Clinton's Has Many Years At The White House And We Are Still Down And Waiting For Promises Of The Politics For Just Our Votes And Then NOTHING. Our Money Goes For The President To Use Air Force One For Personal And Political Usage. And We Pay That's All. WE PAY AND VOTE FOR NOTHING!!!
mikeantonni says2016-11-08T01:38:01.1605714Z
No More Political Establishment No More Fake Promises.

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