Are you female or male?

Posted by: Shield

Just curious as to the ratio on DDO

  • Female

  • Male

42% 8 votes
58% 11 votes
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Shadow-Dragon says2014-08-14T19:26:48.8668118-05:00
You won't get a good ratio by asking a poll. Not many people answer. Male.
LogicalLunatic says2014-08-14T19:44:33.9850086-05:00
This is the internet...Almost all the girls here are actually fat guys.
Shield says2014-08-14T19:53:58.5194062-05:00
Haroush says2014-08-14T20:01:04.8771497-05:00
You got that right at Logical Lunatic! Especially on virtual games and stuff like that. Or sometimes the guys are fat Lesbians!
Shield says2014-08-16T17:03:57.8126707-05:00
5:7 is actually a lot more even-sided than i thought this poll would go lol
Shield says2014-08-23T15:43:35.1004987-05:00
6:7 ! Wow, though it may be more likely for a female to actually click on this poll, in order to validate their presence.

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