Are you for or against Bronies?

Posted by: Lewimcdoodle

Earlier I made a poll with HijackedGaming called 'Bronie or not?' And I want to refresh this and see what people think of bronies and why they think that. :) (Also, I am a bronie)

  • For Bronies

  • Against Bronies

66% 38 votes
34% 20 votes
  • While admittedly, many are obnoxious, and I'm likely no exception, Bronies should be entitled to enjoy whatever radical entertainment they like. Cause 'merica.

  • just leave them be already oh my god who cares about the bronies are you all that insensitive to hate someone because of what they like

  • Well some of us are annoying but most of us aren't were good people if you get to know us. Some of us are gross that write clopfics but other than that were normal people.

  • I am only for Bronies who actually like the subject and take it at least a tiny bit seriously. If you meet up to that standard, I do not care a single bit.

  • People deserve to watch whatever they want. No matter what it is.

  • I would consider it rather short minded to condemn millions of people solely because they enjoy watching a cartoon in their spare time. Some may be slightly overbearing, but, the majority of the time, if you just give them a chance they can be a very caring and sensible community.

  • i am a brony and also what the problem with it? guys liking other guys, thats acceptable but guys liking ponys thats too far!!!

  • I am a brony, and there is nothing wrong with it. I am not gay, (not saying that there is anything wrong with being gay) I am not autistic (not being rude), and I have a girlfriend.

  • what is wrong with people who likes a show about pony's like seriously I found this aniti brony thingy and they were saying that bronys should kill them self's and I found reports about bronys killing themselves because of them. And then they say that bronys kill them self's because of the (sarcastic clap) who do haters think they are. this is really dark. Why would you waste your time researching on what bronys are doing. what there watching like do you have a life or are you in your basement hating on bronys watching a show about pony's. and if you say its every were on the internet well it you searched it on google or any internet source you could find it probably thought you liked it so it show what ever brony thingy you see in the shadows it is you who realising these little links for pony's .im a brony deal with it.

  • i love mlp its a good show and if you dont like it either dont get mad at us bronys for liking it or give it a try its a good show its not only for girls and if you dont like the show then watch the fan made animations or read/listen mlp fan-fics theres sad fics,clop (xxx) fic,and even dark (scary) fics to read/listen to when i was little i despised the show and fandom but the more i got into is the more i liked it and i stand for it till this day and i always will p.s my favorite pony is octavia melody

  • I myself am a brony so. . . Lol

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I am a brony!

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