Are you glad that the PATRIOT Act will end soon?

Posted by: Texas14

The PATRIOT Act could end as early as May 31st. Your thoughts?

  • Yes

  • No

78% 14 votes
22% 4 votes
  • It's unconstitutional and it opens up a very dangerous can of worms. Government will always use and abuse as much power as you give it. One day it's phone searches, the next it's government run healthcare and education and before you know it government is telling us what we can eat and drink. Fourth amendment rights need to be protected and national security can stay stable at the same time.

  • finally don't need to worry about tor breach

  • As much as I recognize a need for some security measures, the PATRIOT Act ought to end.

  • yes with obama as president.

  • No, has almost no effects on anything, waste of money, and helped the NSA spy on anyone.

  • The PATRIOT Act will NOT be ending. They will be revising section 215 of it which authorizes the collection of any tangible records which somehow include online meta data. This is because the act is set to be reviewed by congress, its known as a sunset clause meaning it must be re-verified by congress but we don't even know if congress will agree to revise/edit or remove that section nor do we know if the USA FREEDOM Act will be passed or if it would be all that beneficial after all.

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eagleoftheeast says2015-05-25T03:17:29.1543693-05:00
Oh wait internet surveillance continues
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-26T09:54:05.2291469-05:00
Im certain I will see no difference in anything I do. Pointless all round.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-26T09:55:00.5325649-05:00
Oh wait ... Except I might get wrapped up in a terrorist attack. That percent chance will have gone up just a tad. Very unlikely though.

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