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tajshar2k says2015-03-05T19:14:27.2836544-06:00
LOL who wouldn't be?
LaughItUpLydia says2015-03-05T19:35:22.0907007-06:00
Hanspete and tajshar2k: now you see the point of pro life
tajshar2k says2015-03-05T19:42:42.7978254-06:00
True, but there is no point giving birth to a child if you know you can't take care of it.
Hanspete says2015-03-05T19:43:22.5926601-06:00
I am prolife, thank you very much.
Varrack says2015-03-05T20:09:26.6478876-06:00
Unless you know that your child can be adopted, of which they always can be.
TBR says2015-03-05T20:10:11.6224453-06:00
Its just a stupid question. I am not "glad" i was not aborted, not more than I am glad my mom got "busy" when I was conceived.
UnderdogRising says2015-03-05T20:15:57.2053087-06:00
I can see it now in some dark corner of some church. "According to a poll taken by debate.Org no one supports abortion."
reece says2015-03-05T20:59:52.2044938-06:00
I simply don't care. If i was aborted i wouldn't be here evaluating my existence.
tajshar2k says2015-03-05T21:00:32.7637138-06:00
@reece Very true.
reece says2015-03-05T21:03:20.5852864-06:00
This is kinda coming from the perspective of the religious fine-tuned universe argument.
reece says2015-03-05T21:27:58.1420713-06:00
I meant the question is...
briantheliberal says2015-03-05T21:31:09.8467846-06:00
I don't care. I am here, that's all that matters. If I did get aborted, would I be aware of it? No.
reece says2015-03-05T21:34:46.0430269-06:00
@briantheliberal great minds think alike if you didn't copy that is. :P
Varrack says2015-03-05T21:42:30.3368980-06:00
If you don't care whether you were allowed consciousness at all or not, then what's wrong with suicide? All suicide is is a transition from consciousness to unconsciousness, just like an abortion is, isn't it?
reece says2015-03-05T22:00:52.6740988-06:00
@Varrack 1. You are presupposing that we are given consciousness by saying (you were allowed consciousness) right? 2. No, suicide isn't a transition from consciousness to unconsciousness. All things are conscious but varies in complexity thus when you die you decomplexify and spread through out you environment. I agree The transition is like abortion... So what?
reece says2015-03-05T22:21:04.2824735-06:00
@Varrack there are too many unknown variables to say suicides are wrong in your context, it depends on the person. Abortions are acceptable because the value of them is neutral. Look at it like this...They can become a stater of a genocide or geniuses that could solve some of the worlds problems. You can look at it from all perspectives and the positive and negative of each result will be equal to one another.
reece says2015-03-05T22:35:43.0962976-06:00
Sorry about my bad spelling.
briantheliberal says2015-03-05T22:47:41.3688844-06:00
Reece, you pretty much said it for me. Arguing for abortion by linking in to a living, breathing, conscious, fully functional human being taking their own life is not exactly the best comparison.
briantheliberal says2015-03-05T22:48:43.6428868-06:00
Fetuses are not conscious beings, they don't think or feel.
400spartans says2015-03-05T23:10:10.7429344-06:00
I would probably pick no because I was aborted. Wait, what?
reece says2015-03-05T23:37:39.8964193-06:00
Briantheliberal I'd love to have a discussion with you on what consciousness is.
Stefy says2015-03-06T06:10:11.4118491-06:00
Yes. But I'm still pro choice. Nice try.
Sophia13 says2015-03-06T09:10:41.5503732-06:00
If I was aborted I wouldn't know I was being aborted.

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