• Yeah

  • No

64% 7 votes
36% 4 votes
  • It is impossible to beat them all. The reason being that the majority of them lived in different era's thus rendering it impossible for you to beat them because they are dead and you can't fight them in a pokemon battle.

    Posted by: Teemo
  • I AM a Pokemon fan don't forget that but I don't think that it's actually possible for you to beat them all because like I finally made the perfect team then guess what I used all the most competitive pokemon making the ultimate team I BEAT LIKE A BILLION PEOPLE then i taught one of my friends competitive Pokemon and HE BEAT ME then I was amazed so I guess it's practically impossible.

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Crescendo says2014-05-17T15:04:50.8739785-05:00
The originals only lived 18 years apart from the newest gym leaders.

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