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I am generally honest.

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I am somewhat honest.

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I am mostly honest.

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I am entirely honest.

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I am entirely dishonest.

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Shield says2014-12-10T09:49:13.6545786-06:00
Anyone voting for entirely is being dishonest with us and themselves.
dbushwacker says2014-12-11T10:51:14.1205933-06:00
Then why put it on there then ? :p
Shield says2014-12-11T11:04:16.7458601-06:00
Its a trap.
Shield says2014-12-11T11:04:47.7906561-06:00
To find the dishonest people.
ElCorazonAma says2014-12-11T11:06:41.0791347-06:00
I'm not always honest even with (more) myself but I in every way do my best to be honest. I'm as much proned to dishonesty just as everyone else and would be a liar if I said differently. Thats my answer.
dbushwacker says2014-12-11T11:10:44.9336451-06:00
As I've said, I'm nearly entirely honest, but I do tend to stretch the truth because either way I'm honest. :D
Shield says2014-12-11T11:13:24.4561773-06:00
Stretching the truth is dishonest. All lies are dishonest but not all dishonesty consists of lies. Honesty is the whole truth (no stretching or omitting truth) and nothing but the truth (no lies).
dbushwacker says2014-12-11T11:15:35.4608593-06:00
No that ain't, how bout' shortening the facts then, that's more what I meant. Like, I'll tell you exactly what you asked for but I won't give you anymore than you asked for, that is definitely not lying because your not omitting what they never asked for.
ElCorazonAma says2014-12-11T11:15:52.2433868-06:00
Stretch the truth? What's that even mean?
ElCorazonAma says2014-12-11T11:19:45.1488777-06:00
Sorry hon but any miss information not included is def lying because it's withholding evidence.
Shield says2014-12-11T12:32:36.0623985-06:00
Stretching the truth: example- "Was he riding the bike?" --> "Yeah, he was riding the bike." (regarding person tied up on back of bike while other person "drives" the bike)
dbushwacker says2014-12-11T13:04:14.6071485-06:00
Sounds perfectly honest to me, what people don't know won't hurt em. :D
Shield says2014-12-11T13:30:06.9812334-06:00
Lol that is not honest my friend
dbushwacker says2014-12-11T13:32:32.6200326-06:00
Is to. What's the definition of honesty ? Tell me that and I will believe you.
Shield says2014-12-11T13:51:21.3831252-06:00
Honesty - "the quality of being honest." There, I told you the definition, and as you say you live by honor, you must keep your word and now believe me.

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