Are you more likely to be playing a single-player game or multiplayer game?

  • Single Player

  • Multiplayer

28% 7 votes
72% 18 votes
  • I see 'single player' as against other 'single players', Not as playing against a bot. Summing up why I don't like multiplayer games as much, I don't want to screw up my teammates, And I have friends who will shoot members of the team.

  • Honestly, I love both single and multi-player games but I play Garry's mod - TTT a lot and that is online so I am voting for Multi-Player

  • I love them both, but it's much better to compete online and shoot at real people instead of bots. ^_^

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a2daj14 says2015-03-13T08:33:35.1142079-05:00
I haven't played a multiplayer game that I have joined so idk.

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