Are you Normal?

Posted by: Dragonfire0522

Are you weird (Like me) or Normal like everyone else?

  • Yes, Im Normal!!

  • No, Im Weird!!

16% 5 votes
84% 26 votes
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liltankjj says2016-01-21T14:08:45.8576284Z
Why would anyone want to be normal?
Dragonfire0522 says2016-01-21T19:04:54.7566520Z
LOLZ ikr!
Bob13 says2016-01-21T21:17:34.4616553Z
There are no normal people, only normal qualities.
Dragonfire0522 says2016-01-21T23:50:06.3271125Z
Heterodox says2016-01-22T12:45:54.8804001Z
Pretty sure I cannot answer this question, it's not up to me.
Dragonfire0522 says2016-01-22T15:37:11.0874728Z
Its not up to you that you're weird?
Dragonfire0522 says2016-01-22T15:37:33.8324186Z
Its not up to you that you're weird?
neoshaf says2018-07-07T02:13:37.4274263Z
Yes, were fine!

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