• Yes

  • No

43% 9 votes
57% 12 votes
  • I have been homeschooled since kindergarten.

  • Yes since the end of middle school and it was the greatest decision i've made

  • Yes, and I'll never regret it. Excellent education compared to the crud I currently 'learn.' Not to mention, for me it was nice socially.

  • Yes,I have been home schooled since,my high-school.

  • Yes, I was homeschooled in Middle School with my sister, with the help of a professional teacher. It was far more relaxed and allowed me to learn quicker than the, admittedly overcrowded and underfunded, school system where I lived. It was better for the learning process, but it also somewhat diminished my social skills to the point where my first year of high school was a little stressful. If you homeschool, I would advise that you involve the student(s) in some recreational activities, such as sports and music to provide them with social opportunities.

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Fight4Liberty says2014-06-12T21:48:32.4170225-05:00
Kreakin, big generalization! What if you've been home schooled and are an atheist?
discomfiting says2014-06-13T14:05:59.8522323-05:00
I'm secular & I'm schooled...

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