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  • Who'd want to be Pro-Death.

  • Kill a baby? No way first of all don't freaking have kids if when they are going to come out you kill them. no way.

  • This is not a decision for us to make.

  • Homicide is the deliberate taking of a person’s life by another person. If someone commits homicide, they can be put in prison for a life sentence, or under certain circumstances be executed. Abortion is the deliberate “procedure” of taking an unborn baby's life. The key word is deliberate. In both cases however, someone’s life is taken by another person on purpose. In 1973, the supreme court’s decision over Roe Vs Wade effectively legalized abortion in all fifty states, opening abortion clinics all over the nation. In 1974, 20,000 Pro Life activist marched in the United States Capitol. In 1975, the Human Life Amendment is introduced to the US Supreme Court, but fails to pass. In 1976, the Republican party adopts a Pro life platform. The Democratic Party? Not so much. In 1977, the number of yearly abortions exceeds one million. In 1978, Chicago Sunday Times runs an article revealing the dangerous unsanitary things that abortion clinics do to women. In 1979, abortion safety regulations are overturned by Supreme Court. In 1980, the Supreme Court makes a federal ban on tax funded abortions. In 1981, pregnant minors can receive an abortion without parental notification, In 1982, the abortion pill was tested on women. In 1983, Carol Everett leaves the abortion industry and later writes the book “Blood Money”. In 1984, one and a half million abortions are carried out, double the number in 1973. In 1985, parental notification fails to pass. In 1986, Pro Life supporters around the country protest. In 1987, the number of abortions continued to rise, and in 1990 the number of abortions reached an all time high of one million, six hundred and eight thousand, six hundred. In 1991, the total number of aborted babies rises by 26 million. This is equal to the number of people living in Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Combined. In 1993, the Clinton Administration gives 75 million dollars to Planned Parenthood. In 1994, Norma Mccorvey, director of Planned Parenthood in Texas leaves the industry and transfers to Pro Life. In 1996 and 1997, Clinton vetoed the partial abortion ban (twice). In 2000, the FDA approves the argument for the abortion pill. In 2003, the Partial Abortion Ban is presented again, but this time signed by President Bush. In 2006, late term abortions plummet 80%. Today, 1.4 million abortions are performed every year, that’s one every 25 seconds, and the total number of abortions since 1973 has exceeded the number of American deaths in WW1, WW2, the Civil War, and current wars. Today, we are debating whether abortion should be illegal, or a woman's right. We are Pro Life, and we represent the lives of the dying children. Innocent children are dying every second. Because of this, abortion should be outlawed and be considered homicide or murder rather than a woman's right. Later in life, women experience medical difficulties. Because of their past abortion, if they ever wanted to have a child later in life, the odds of their baby surviving would slim, and the chance for women to die increases. Also, 85% of the women who have an abortion experience stress, anxiety, depression, and other difficulties later in life. Also, women who terminate their pregnancies are 4 times as likely to die that year or the following year, while women who carry out their pregnancies are only half as likely to die. Safer, hmm? There are many couples who cannot have children, although they really want kids. In fact, 1.5 million women in the US are infertile (in-furr-tile) meaning they cannot have children. Without abortion, there would be more babies for these couples to adopt. It can be very devastating to be hoping for children, and then not be able to have any. Outlawing abortion would open doors for couples who are infertile. While other women are killing their babies simply because they do not feel like bringing a child into this world, others are hoping maybe one day they can have a family. Abortion punishes the unborn child who has committed no crime. The baby has done nothing to deserve dying. In fact, most babies DO feel pain while the abortion takes place. Maureen Condic ( has a PHD in Neurology. She states, "There is universal agreement that pain is detected by the fetus in the first trimester." This means that it is a common agreement that babies detect pain during any procedure taking place. If Pro Abortion is all about freedom and humanity, then where is the humanity in killing an innocent child who is in agonizing pain during a sadistic procedure? That goes against your whole argument! Whether it’s a shot or cayenne pepper, the babies are in pain, and that is certainly NOT right!The Constitution promises three unalienable rights, rights which by the Constitution can not be taken away. The three rights are: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Let’s take a look: abortion terminates the baby's life, so there goes the first right. Liberty means having freedom within society, but these babies never even enter society. In Addition, the babies aren’t even considered human even though they have all the basic human componentes. And last, as mentioned earlier, the babies feel pain and loose their life, never even having the joy of blowing out birthday candles or learning to ride a bike. This concludes that the third right, the pursuit of happiness. The Pro Abortion group believes that babies are just “blobs of tissue” or fetus. I have a couple things to point out: My first point is that adults are tissue too! Does it make it legal to kill them? As former “fetus” I can tell you, and prove to you, that fetus is human. LOOK AT ME! I was once this “fetus’ that can be legally killed. Also, Gianna Jessen, abortion survivor, is a grown women. Her mother attempted to abort her, but failed.. Look at Gianna. Is SHE a blob of tissue? Is SHE fetus? GIVING IT FANCY NAMES DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT! Abortion is a dangerous process filled with sick workers. The people who work at abortion clinics are not given a good name. The workers at Planned Parenthood have been known for selling baby body parts from the dead babies they abort. The dead babies become incoming cash, Also, another abortion clinic, Tiller’s Abortion Clinic, is founded by Doctor Tiller who does terrible things to the women causing the women great pain, and gives them illegal medicine. But, when sent to court, Dr. Tiller was convicted not guilty. Abortion doctors have women put things in their body such as leeches, gunpowder, salt, illegal drugs, and shots. These are things that potentially kill the women or affect her in a detrimental way. Abortion is against women's rights. While many think that women should have the right to choose if a mother conceives, they are missing a few details. Many women do not want to be pregnant, but abortion does NOT make you unpregnant. Abortion makes you the mother of a dead baby. Also, women can control whether or not they have a baby by making wiser, more responsible decisions with the people they hang out with. Last, half the babies killed are women, where was their choice in the matter!? Right to choose? THAT’S A LIE! Babies don’t choose to die! Think of an adorable, beautiful baby. Think of their beautiful hands and feet.Think of the love in their eyes. Think of the joy a baby brings. Think of the talent and potential. Think of how abortion destroys this. You and I were born, let’s think of those yet to be born! Take a minute to look around. See that person next to you? See your best friend sitting across from you? See you those people you can’t stand? It was once legal to kill them. It was legal to take their life and go unpunished. Now, look at the empty chairs, and empty spaces around the room. Your best friend, you future husband/wife could be sitting there if they hadn’t been aborted. We could have amazing future doctors who cure cancer. Who cure alzheimers. Who completely eradicate allergies and diabetes. We could have the best of Presidents, the greatest of citizens- but we don’t. We don’t because these amazing people are dead. They were killed from abortion. Think back to the Civil war. Why was that war fought? Well, the North believed that Africans Americans should have equal rights, and be treated as the human beings they were. The South thought that African Americans were made to be slaves, and slaves don’t deserve the same rights as everyday humans. What about unborn babies? We protect rainforests, animals, eagles, our world around us- what about unborn children? Now, if this baby (points to board) isn’t a human, what is? Where do you draw the line? Born, unborn, black, white, 1 month, 34 weeks..? I was once this tissue, this fetus. You were to. We all were once this, but unless this baby is you, their life means nothing. Apparently, because they are smaller than us, weaker than us, they aren’t human. BUT, these babies HAVE what WE DON’T. These babies love us even when you kill them. They depend on you even if you aren’t worth depending on. They have a beating heart, human flesh, and a soul. But what they don’t have? They don’t have support. They don’t have rights. The don’t have mothers who care enough to give them life. Quoting the amazing Gianna Jessen, “We are in an interesting battle, whether we realize it or not in this world. It is a battle between life and death. What side are you on?”

  • It is better to have an opportunity to have a choice and deal with the consequences then it is to be forced to do something and deal with the consequences. At the end of the day it is an individual's decision to make and I hope they make a responsible one.

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