Are You Pro-life or Pro-choice?

Posted by: Cl4sh

Do you align more with the pro-life movement or the pro-choice movement -- or do you support one side unconditionally? Please explain the conditions you support your chosen side on if there are any.

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StrongestPeaShooterYT says2018-05-15T09:38:34.1218494Z
Abortion is clearly taking a baby's life.
BowTied says2018-05-15T13:44:37.2212452Z
Ask the "fetus," also known as a baby, what he or she thinks. Roughly half of all fetae are female, but I suppose the rights of THOSE women don't count for anything. Hmm. Last I looked, the Declaration of Independence lists "the right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." So much for THAT, I suppose.
TheAnonymousOpinionGiver says2018-06-19T14:48:17.4362410Z
Those creatures aren't even conscious yet, but the mother of it is, and her life could be ruined if she is forced to keep it.
emmhuis says2018-10-28T03:07:16.2801818Z
A fetus is not a person. It is not self aware. But everyone knows this. It's thinly veiled nonsense to push pseduoreligious nonsense on others. In other words, Anti abortion folks are assholes.
yower says2018-12-23T15:16:03.9544320Z
Denying humanity to harvest babies from their mothers for cash--who it the heartless?

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