Are You Pro-life or Pro-choice?

Posted by: Cl4sh

Do you align more with the pro-life movement or the pro-choice movement -- or do you support one side unconditionally? Please explain the conditions you support your chosen side on if there are any.

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Dr.bouchard says2018-05-03T21:49:20.3941057Z
When a baby is born and out of the mother's womb would you consider that alive? Well a human brain doesn't start making memories until age 2 or 3 years old, so if you killed a 2 year old you would tell the police, "It doesn't know it exists to begin with, who cares?"
Arganger says2018-05-03T23:23:36.5797057Z
Dr.Bouchard are you sure? I have memories from under a year of age. Then again, I'm autistic and my brain isn't normal.
asta says2018-05-04T00:33:59.7939674Z
+Aranger: You think you do but this could have been a false memory. False memories happen. If you "remember" things from under a year old, your mind probably taped together other images it's seen before then and assumed that that happened to you. An example is I thought I "remembered" taking my 1st steps. However, I "remember" taking those steps in a house that I didn't move to yet. The baby that was doing it wasn't even me, it was just a baby that I've seen. It's probably been so long ago that any story that I try to make of it is probably false at this point. The mind is weird.
Arganger says2018-05-04T01:48:42.7503674Z
Asta I feel pretty confident the memory I'm thinking of is real. However, you many still be right seeing as as a child I couldn't often tell if a dream was real or not, same with stuff I imagined.
Mister_Man says2018-05-04T02:54:17.9037906Z
The thing with a born baby is that it's already been learning and adapting to it's parents. Before it's born, it's simply going through natural processes of growth, like a plant. It isn't becoming more attached and developed as a human, and it isn't able to feel pain at all. And like Arganger said, some people have faint memories of early childhood, giving the impression that consciousness is at least somewhat present in infants.
FrostySnowmans says2018-05-04T03:20:45.7341906Z
This site that I found suggests that consciousness might begin at 5 months old: http://www.Sciencemag.Org/news/2013/04/when-does-your-baby-become-conscious But the problem with finding out when someone had the first memory through asking them is that it is anecdotal evidence, which is unreliable. However, @Arganger and @asta, that doesn't mean I am saying that your personal experiences are fake, I am just saying that from a statistical standpoint, they are unreliable. In my opinion, the reason why this issue is so controversial is because there is no commonly agreed upon definition of where human life begins. According to US Legal Code, it starts as soon as an unborn baby exits the uterus and is detached from the mother alive. [1] But Roman Catholicism considers it to start during conception. So if we are going by US Law, then abortion is not murder because the fetus never gained the unalienable Right to life.
FrostySnowmans says2018-05-04T03:24:32.2395674Z
I forgot to include my source: 1.
asta says2018-05-04T17:33:12.0565507Z
Even if a fetus isn't conscious by a certain age, that doesn't mean it is moral to kill them. Is it moral to kill a regular person in their sleep by a painless method, if the person dying is innocent and does not consent to the procedure?
Arganger says2018-05-04T22:27:48.6523066Z
Mister_Man From everyone I've asked that has memories from as a baby, and myself, babies think in emotion and vague pictures. It is entirely possible that an unborn child also thinks, but in subtle ways based on what it comes across as it develops in the womb. Regardless, that individual cannot be brought back or recreated after abortion- they are lost for good- that alone should make it heavy. The very fact of humanity should determinate rights, least we become monsters.
asta says2018-05-05T03:06:09.5043142Z
Even if a fetus isn't conscious by a certain age, that doesn't mean it is moral to kill them. Is it moral to kill a regular person in their sleep by a painless method, if the person dying is innocent and does not consent to the procedure?
crispybreeze says2018-05-18T17:20:28.9578983Z
A woman should be allowed an abortion if her pregnancy is unhealthy or unwanted. Men with high authority shouldn't be able to make that choice for her.
Arganger says2018-05-18T18:18:58.0374983Z
Crispybreeze My life matters as much as yours so that "Unhealthy" part of all things would be best retracted.
asta says2018-05-18T18:22:13.9246427Z
+Arganger: Being rude to pro choicers is not how to get them on your side. +Crispybreeze: A woman should not be allowed to kill an unborn human being, this claim is backed up by science. I say this as a current Atheist.
Arganger says2018-05-18T18:47:38.7622427Z
Asta that wan't meant as rude.

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