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Tumblrnatic says2015-05-06T12:12:12.8556705-05:00
I am not. Who would admit to being racist?
TBR says2015-05-06T12:13:24.4588200-05:00
Is this going to be who you are?
Espera says2015-05-06T12:14:18.2178858-05:00
You do of course realize that pretty well no one is going to check off yes, right? No one is going to say their racist unless they're trolling or "trying to make a point". So... Now really sure what the point of this poll is.
dbushwacker says2015-05-06T13:24:57.3351296-05:00
Am I a racist if I like to tell mildly racist jokes more for the laugh than to be insulting???
triangle.128k says2015-05-06T14:07:53.3881101-05:00
If they'really just jokes, then no.
triangle.128k says2015-05-06T14:09:48.0776516-05:00
*they're, stupid autocorrect.
Death23 says2015-05-06T14:11:09.2876708-05:00
@Tumblrnatic I admit to being racist. Most everyone is racist.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-06T19:27:22.9217194-05:00
@MissLuLu: It's about intent. If you don't actually think other races are inferior, stupid, evil or whatever, you aren't a racist, even if you make 'racist' comments jocularly.
Black-Jesus says2015-05-31T12:23:32.6586057-05:00
While I think that @Death23 has a good point, most people subconsciously or at some level have racial preferences and prejudices, but I define racism more as a hatred instead of a prejudice, and though I have to try not to have prejudice and racist thoughts, I don't harbor any hate in my heart for a particular race nor do I value the life and well-being of one race over another

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