Are you ready for the Academic year to begin, i.e. High School, College, Grad School?

Posted by: SweetTea

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I am ready for the academic year & all of the challenges, fun, angst and experiences it will bring!
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I really need all of August & maybe September off! I am just not ready to hit the academic grind! Besides, I like sleeping-in & partying late with my BFFs.
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I'm NOT a student, but I'm counting the days!

Summer can bring added difficulty juggling my work schedule, dealing with bored & obnoxious kids (who aren't even mine), planning activities like Day Camp or finding a Nanny, etc. The school year can't start soon enough!
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No opinion

It doesn't really effect my life, so I just don't have an opinion.
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Zylorarchy says2014-07-24T08:20:49.0856046-05:00
When does the academic year start in the US...? O.O
Preston says2014-07-24T08:21:26.4934454-05:00
Mine starts Aug 11th but im in a fancy highlevel school
SweetTea says2014-07-24T08:53:41.1870366-05:00
Zylorarchy ... It depends on where you live in the U.S., the type of school you are attending (as Preston pointed out) and your level of education. In the South Carolina, where I live, the Public Schools will start on August 11th. In the North, it usually starts later. But schools in the South also end the year in May. In the North, it usually goes well into June.
Preston says2014-07-24T08:54:36.4408198-05:00
Mine is Aug 11th to June 12th
Preston says2014-07-24T08:55:03.7713190-05:00
OH WAIT! IM A SENIOR, im graduating early!!!!!
SweetTea says2014-07-24T10:49:28.5150095-05:00
Congrats, Preston! Any plans for college?
Preston says2014-07-24T10:51:36.4925949-05:00
I got offered a full ride this past summer through several It schools but I think im going to either MIT (didn't offer full ride but they offered tuition) or BYU/BYUI, because im Mormon I am going on a 2 year religious mission after a year of collage, most schools drop offers after 1 year of no schooling.
mishapqueen says2014-07-25T09:13:21.6222708-05:00
I have 5 modules of Chemistry to finish......
Preston says2014-07-25T09:15:21.2141706-05:00
Fun :P, do have to do quals in chem?
SweetTea says2014-07-25T11:00:55.9359087-05:00
Preston .......... If memory serves, there's a large Mormon church in the Baltimore/D.C. Area. So, you might consider one of the many colleges around there.
Preston says2014-07-25T11:07:22.2706491-05:00
The DC Temple is beautiful, ill think about it, my current job makes me want to do something political or economic, if I go that far east ill probably goto NY, because the company im currently working for has a group of employees out there.

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