• Yes

  • No

15% 4 votes
85% 22 votes
  • No... Snakes r scared of me

  • I like them actually.

  • Snakes are awesome

  • Snakes are harmless I have owned a snake for a few years now, not once have I been attacked

    Posted by: Cade-B
  • Nope, I own 3 snakes as pets & they are awesome.

  • Well, depending on what snake you have, snakes are pretty docile. Of course, you should be wary of venomous types or pythons as big as you, but honestly, if you leave them alone, they leave you alone :)

  • they are amazing, snakes are scared of us

  • No, snakes can be friendly and quite adorable at times, they can be affectionate aswell. Some snakes are venomous, yes but they won't hurt you if you don't hurt them.

  • I own a royal python so now. he's adorable!

  • I absolutely loooooooove snakes. they are widely misunderstood as evil and aggressive, but really they're quite adorable and friendly. All aggressiveness or attack is either self defense or stress by human error

  • snakes are butiful animals, they are graceful and atack when thretened, not for fun

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Swivel says2015-08-24T08:46:25.4568786Z
Snakes can be intimidating but if you know your stuff and know how to handle them/know what to look for, they're fine.
zoe3snakes says2015-10-09T18:30:54.6214581Z
Their great animals i absalutly love snakes srry about my spelling im 8 years old
zoe3snakes says2015-10-09T18:31:16.2434739Z
Their great animals i absalutly love snakes srry about my spelling im 8 years old

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