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Yes 100x yes

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I don"t think it will live up to its expactations

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I've never played it but still excited

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Gareth_BM says2016-12-05T22:22:21.3811413Z
The first was a very good game but I feel the story arc came to a satisfying ending in the last game.
NothingSpecial99 says2016-12-05T22:54:34.8038140Z
@Gareth_BM I agree, but I have complete trust in Naughty Dog that they'll do this game right
Black-Jesus says2016-12-06T03:05:05.7793924Z
I'm not at all sure how you could say the story arc ended... Does Ellie really believe Joel? If she does, will she ever find out the truth? What happens if she learns the truth? If she doesn't, why did she say she did?... You could make an argument that the story is better with these questions unanswered, but there's no denying that they're unanswered.
RickieDaDebater says2016-12-17T04:12:59.5367288Z
The ending of the first one leaves a LOOOTTT of questions unanswered. I just hope it won't be worse than the first, or else critics will be able to attack sequels largely.

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