• Yes!

  • Nope. They're intellectual

68% 21 votes
32% 10 votes
  • They are very common. You guys just got to accept the fact that religion is illogical.

  • Son of a feline animal, yes. And its annoying how theyre alwsys on the front page. Gods existence is not debatable purely cause you cannot prove or disprove god! So please can we see somemore variety and colour on the front page instead of dead debates with the word 'god' and design on it!

  • I understand it's an important question, but this, combined with evolution, makes us all look like 5 year olds.

  • These debates are like a snake eating it's own tail. Circular and meaningless.

    Posted by: emarsh
  • Yes, because God is real and you guys can't except tha.

  • They're redundant.

  • no i just back on for the first time in 4 months.

  • If you get annoyed by debates, why are you on a debate site?

  • No. Because just like other debates, this enhances ability to critically analyze an idea. Besides, debates are really designed to enlighten other people.

  • People can debate whatever they want to, your not going to change that, so stop trying. I for one enjoy debating religion, I believe that religion is illogical and useless, and I have the right to share my opinion on Debate.org. If your not happy with these debates that don't accept them!

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pant10 says2014-07-27T20:03:38.0979229-05:00
I am fed up with it cant everyone just respect the beliefs of one another and give it a rest

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