Are you tired of the creation/evolution debates?

Posted by: mishapqueen

This topic is so popular these days. Have we explored it enough?

  • Yes

  • No

78% 18 votes
22% 5 votes
  • I've read so much about it, and discussed it so much, I can do it, but I feel like all of the arguments have been presented already. If you really want to know more about it, you can do a google search.

  • Evolution is true, deal with it.

  • Just been challenged to one but not sure I can be bothered. It's been done to death already,there is nothing new to say really.

  • I stoped careing after about 28 on this site alone . The argument can be said that on either side if they aren't going to change thier minds already adding more if the exact same wont help

  • Yes, it has come to the point that if you disagree with evolution you suffer from confirmation bias and will only continue to build guards against it as new ones come out. One day, hopefully, the masses will have largely switched to believing in evolution but for now, we just have to deal with other people's ignorance.

  • I am getting tired, but we must fight on. Until idiots out there claim evolution to be false, we must be there to put them down. Be it by law or by debate. Or, preferably, by both. Evolution is a fact, and that's undeniable to anyone that's of sound mind.

  • It is a problem. Problems are to be debated, as long as they are not solved.

  • Yes and no. The debates are needed to clarify that creationism has no grounds, but it also gives creationism some credibility that it is even comparable to fact. A good reason to keep going is modern creationists are as equal harm to creationism as modern feminists are to feminism. As shown with feminism, as long as creationism keeps throwing out faulty arguments it will never become credible as a solution or, in this case, a theory.

    Posted by: Tacet
  • I have heard the argument that it gives them credibility. I'm sorry, but they already think its fact. How can they make it any more credible in the eyes of creationists? Although I have respect for Dawkins' refusal to even so much as acknowledge creationists, they need to be beaten into submission. They need to be shown the other side, or all they will hear about evolution is what their charletons say about it. And obviously they won't be swayed by that!

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campbellp10 says2014-06-27T20:34:39.6243686-05:00
I think that debate it excellent, and that it should be encouraged. However, on a personal basis, I am tired of hearing the debate. Lots of stereotyping, miscommunication, and flat out dogma is involved in this debate, and I mean that on both sides of the isle often.
mishapqueen says2014-06-27T20:39:34.9328306-05:00
Precisely. You can't get anywhere.
numberwang says2014-06-27T20:55:56.0399593-05:00
It aint so much a debate as it is an education for creationists, who are almost always unaware or unwillingly to acknowledge evidence for evolution, or simply dont know what it is in the first place.
mishapqueen says2014-06-27T20:56:38.6339333-05:00
Creationists have the same complaint! ;)
numberwang says2014-06-27T21:01:27.1193095-05:00
Well the creationists dont have a vaid one, because creationism is unscientific. Isnt much more worth knowing about it, but I dont think they complain that people dont know about it because it's pretty straightforward.
mishapqueen says2014-06-27T21:03:46.8071333-05:00
I'm not super interested in debating it! ;) You can read my perspective here if you like:
Sfaulkner says2014-06-27T22:37:02.6411343-05:00
Anyone who goes against evolution is not educated in evolutionary biology or even mainstream science -- which is an upsetting 46% of Americans. We need to teach the facts, not debate them.
campbellp10 says2014-06-27T23:11:03.8650317-05:00
These comments are entirely why I am tired of this debate. Debating facts is the very foundation of science.
mishapqueen says2014-06-27T23:19:14.8423841-05:00
Since we all are sick of these debates, why are we starting more?
campbellp10 says2014-06-27T23:25:09.0686129-05:00
Here, here.

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