• Yes.

  • No.

26% 10 votes
74% 29 votes
  • lol no

  • of course not.

  • I live in brazil and her politics looks kinda like the former president Dilma

  • I'm with him

  • Trump for Prez 2016. Lol

  • Just no. She did break the law , but I don't hate her. I just don't agree with her.

  • Fox News Debate very Disappointing, Fox news trying so hard to be fair and balanced. It appeared you were trying to convince the democrats that you are fir and balanced. Lol!!! They will still not like you. We have multiple biased & liberal news stations and newspapers that have been feeding the USA their biased propaganda BS this whole election, we were counting on you to ask Hillary about emails, Bengasi etc and you let us down. Donalds last statements won the debate.

  • She is a Corrupt lying puppet whose followers are bluntly arrogant of her "accomplishments and lies to the American people.

  • Im with her going to prison

    Posted by: mdmark
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benhos says2016-10-26T03:58:08.9752347Z
Yes, I'm #withher. But in my case, "her" is Jill, not Hill.

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