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Agnostic Theist

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Gnostic Athiest

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MyDinosaurHands says2014-04-28T15:40:26.4818270-05:00
What is Gnostic?
ThePrettyReckless says2014-04-28T16:21:50.0367422-05:00
Isn't an agnostic and an atheist basically the same thing. An atheist doesn't believe in God(s) An agnostic isn't sure if God(s) exist or not My friend said she is an agnostic but the way she uses it is that she believes in a higher power (God(s) or a supernatural force) but doesn't know exactly what it is.
FenixKitten says2014-04-29T06:28:45.6003524-05:00
Ignostic :P
SNP1 says2014-04-29T09:46:13.1020130-05:00
MyDinosaurHands: Gnostic means that you know, Agnostic means you do not know.
BblackkBbirdd says2014-04-29T11:41:10.3924130-05:00
ThePrettyReckless: No, atheism relates to the lack of belief in God, whereas Gnosticism and Agnosticism relate to the certainty you have in that belief being true (e.G. If you have Gnostic beliefs you think that they are 100% correct). While agnostics aren't certain of the existence of gods, they are either theists or atheists (as theists aren't always 100% certain that gods exist). Therefore atheism and Agnosticism aren't interchangeable because agnostics can be theists.

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