Ariana vs. Selena

Posted by: laurazoe125

Who do think sings better? Who has better style? Who is a better role model?..............VOTE

  • Ariana Grande

  • Selena Gomes

58% 11 votes
42% 8 votes
  • She is sooo pretty!!!

  • I love Selena. She is such a strong and wise celebrity. Not that Ariana isn't but Selena just has a very sweet and innocent, kind nature about her.

  • I love Selena she is so fit and talented not that Ariana is not she is but I feel Nickolodian is holding her back

  • Not against Ariana but Selena is a bubbly cute, funny, the one who knows what to do when time comes and a smarty! she's a kind and nice person and pretty much experienced....Ariana is good too but sometimes it's like she's too boring i mean she kinda follows same type of clothes and hairstyles and makeup in m,ost of her pictures :)

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tBoonePickens says2014-04-24T16:50:55.1519271-05:00
There should be 3 choices so we can play FMK, as in Fv_k-Marry-Kill.
marinaspins says2014-04-24T17:31:24.8733639-05:00
vekoma123 says2014-04-24T17:49:35.4257637-05:00
They're both just awful.

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