Arts vs. Sciences

Which is more important to learn: arts or sciences?

  • Arts

  • Sciences

44% 17 votes
56% 22 votes
  • depends is it the cultural world or the technological world

  • Musical arts.

  • more useful, in my opinion. And i have a low A in science. Compared to the rest of my grades, that's bad!

  • I am good in art than science. Also i love arts

  • The arts HAVE saved lives. Music is widely used in therapy, and the arts aren't cheesy.

    Posted by: eeee
  • because art is life ang sciences are going to destroy this world

  • Firstly, art is more subjective and a person can express or qunderstand a piece of art in their own way. On the other hand, science is objective. They must be taught in certain way through certain steps and does not really allow people to be individuals. Secondly, all throughout human history, art has been found whether that be on the rocks, papers, woods, there were art, there have been art. So worshipping science that we can live without, have been living without, rather than art that is crucial for our kind of beings is just pointless

  • Science is more educational and seems more required than arts. There is more science used in daily life than art like the scientific method.

    Posted by: yay842
  • Science has a tangible purpose. Art is just for looking nice and entertainment.

  • Science shape our world from engineering to Earth science

  • Arts never sent people to space. Arts never saved lives. Arts never discovered new energy producers. I could go on all day but I feel that you get my point.

  • I find it unfair that musicians or other types of artists are more famous and are more successful compared to individuals who actually invent the technology. They give the opportunities for such artists to exist; and, in my opinion those scientists who put a lot of work into their inventions are not awarded enough. Scientists should be more known and successful than artists since they are the ones who are trying to explain the universe and I do not see musicians trying to answer that. I just wanted to bring up the unfairness between artists and scientists.

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fishyfoo102 says2013-12-03T20:02:46.6381811-06:00
Why not both?
phuongphungphinh says2016-07-11T03:30:05.6472741Z
Because science are going to destroy this worid
Itaku-segui says2017-05-15T16:10:07.4984207Z

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