As a species should we advertise our presence in the galaxy or hide?

Posted by: 1814Username

On a fool would think in this infinite universe that we are the only intelligent life. Just look at our planet alone. There is infinite life. This being the case. Is it prudent we advertise our presence?

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No, if an alien race can get to us, they are much more advanced than us.

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Yes, there is no harm advertising our presence.

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I believe we are the only intelligent life in the universe.

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reece says2014-07-06T20:10:37.2368285-05:00
We shouldn't try to provoke a reaction.We should just be patient and let them find us...
LittleBallofHATE says2014-07-06T20:17:44.2685410-05:00
It's painfully obvious that you haven't seen any of the sci-fi movies with bug-like aliens that consider us tasty little morsels.
lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-07-06T20:18:28.5725410-05:00
Because sci-fi movies are VERY accurate, aren't they?
LittleBallofHATE says2014-07-06T20:24:09.4323264-05:00
Some of them are.
YamaVonKarma says2014-07-06T20:25:02.4251867-05:00
If that's the case, I would be throbbing as I killed them. I actually welcome that.
LittleBallofHATE says2014-07-06T20:29:55.5349846-05:00
Starship Troopers. Woohooooo!
Formerland1 says2014-07-07T00:30:05.2026000-05:00
Hide and bide our time until we are really powerful at least level two or three and then be like hey guys and they can't do anything to us unless they Are a level above us
Forte says2014-07-07T00:46:29.8966836-05:00
Basically, just think about what human-kind would do if we traveled to another planet and found less technologically-advanced inhabitants. Yeah, no thanks.
Criomorph says2014-07-07T11:10:58.0872769-05:00
The problem with fearing a violent reaction is...A bit complicated. For one, it's assuming that a super advanced civilization would actually have an interest in violence and it is also assuming that they share our lazy-ass, selfish and shortsighted style of politics - IE: War, War, WAR to the max. No compromise.

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