• Asian women

  • North American women

59% 20 votes
41% 14 votes
  • Although I've preferred western women most of my life, I find that Asian girls tend to be less entitled and demanding. Over half of my relationships have been with Asian girls and they are generally more enjoyable than with girls born and raised in North America. However I've had plenty of great experiences with both.

  • In matters of appearance I prefer white female women of European descent. However given the new social norms for women and how being masculine is somehow considered "empowering" to women, as well as this newfound disgust amongst the populace against femininity in the west. Compare this to the Japanese women who embrace their natural femininity and are proud the be the gentle hand in a relationship. Although there are some things about most oriental women that do not align with the traditional American wife (which is what I prefer) I'd say that they're way closer to that than this new "toxic masculinity" nonsense that's taken the west. And yes I acknowledge that there are exceptions for both sides of this, but I'm going by the general population. The many, not the few.

  • The very first comment says it all.

  • its clear which one is more meme worthy

  • American woman, Get away from me! -The Guess Who ''American Women''

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