Aside from stating "The Universe exists," is there proof God(s) exists? Ancient doctrines don't count as proof either.

Posted by: pozessed

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Disquisition says2013-09-14T10:14:07.6415139-05:00
What better way to see that God exist then to look at what he provided for us (the bible).
Mikal says2013-09-14T10:48:46.3615554-05:00
As if the bible is accurate lol
Mikal says2013-09-14T10:48:47.4223826-05:00
As if the bible is accurate lol
pozessed says2013-09-14T10:50:24.3513729-05:00
@CAS: The Bible is a doctrine, which as I said would not be considered credible evidence. Furthermore, the Bible had more than one author. The Bible itself has had dictators before though, churches have had things added and removed during the Bibles conception. It has also been revised in a number of ways which has often been controlled by different churches and governments.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-14T21:00:33.4391075-05:00
Not to mention that using the bible to claim the Abrahamic god exists is horrid circular logic, since the bible only has veracity if that god exists and the bible is his word. "God exists, because the bible says he exists, which we know is true because it's god's word, which we know because it says in the bible that god exists, because the bible says he exists, which we know is true..." and round and round the carousel we go. Of course there's also the little problem that if the bible is somehow evidence their god exists, one could claim the Vedas is proof Brahma exists, and the Eddas are proof Odin exists.
futureisnow says2013-09-17T12:53:22.5726780-05:00
People says things exist based on what is visible to our eyes. God exist no matter we are blind with our two eyes open or not. Take a look around and see how do you think things came about? Don't give millions of years, and billions of years crap you have no idea what really happened you just believe what you heard.

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