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Any age under age of consent

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A child under 16

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A child under 12

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A child under 11

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A child under 10

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A child under 14

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A child under 13

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A child not reach puberty

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stephannoi says2015-09-23T01:52:09.4322003Z
I vote for a child under 12 because most of them are still prepubescent children,and having sex with them can never be consensual because they are unable to consented to sexual act so it gives much more serious harmful circumstances to them with severe physical injury.
countdooku says2015-09-23T01:57:09.6755741Z
Yes stephannoi.While having sex with a 12 years old or older can be consensual but it should still be illegal if an adult is involve or they are under age of consent (vary different by country).
countdooku says2015-09-23T01:59:07.0522313Z
While i think even if a 12 years old is under age of consent it should be legalized if a minor at 12 is close in age to other minor like for instance 1 or 2 years difference.But under 12 should not provide any close in age exemption because they cannot consent to sexual activity anyway.
dilordious says2015-09-23T09:10:27.3346980Z
Generally all sexual relationship with a minor under age of consent considered as rape even if the sex is consensual.But for aggravated rape,sex is never consensual,and it should be considered having sex with a child under 12.
lordsidious says2015-09-23T09:14:06.8552980Z
I don't really get the question.Ofcourse having sex with a minor under age of consent is rape.But for aggravated rape like dilordious said it should be considered having sexual intercourse with a chid under 12 therefore i vote for a child under 12.
lordsidious says2015-09-23T09:16:01.8478980Z
Yes i agree with you dilordious.While in some state in America aggravated rape with a child under 12 you can get death sentence or life in prison.I think that's is fair enough.
stephannoi says2015-09-23T09:22:41.9016980Z
Yes i agree what you said lordsidious.While there might be many people disagree with me that it should be a capital crime for child rape under 12 but in my opinion that is fair.Like the step-father rape an 8 years old daughter in which result in serious injury of an 8 years old,step-father deserve to be life in prison or death sentence.
stephannoi says2015-09-23T09:28:58.9404980Z
Even child rape does not result death in children,but they can injured seriously and suffer for their rest of their life from sexual intercourse.If an 8 years old daughter do not receive surgery treatment,perhaps she is already dead for long time.
chandlerrouse says2015-09-23T15:11:06.9542980Z
My question is why would a grown man want to have sex with a child under under 18?
stephannoi says2015-09-23T15:34:59.9612980Z
I am not saying it should be legal for a man to have sex with a minor.But it should be considered as aggravated rape or sexual assault only if the child is under age of 12.
nbrandwine says2015-09-23T15:39:20.7730980Z
Any child who is under the age of consent of 18 years old.
stephannoi says2015-09-23T15:41:47.0512953Z
Yes i do agree that is a rape for all sexual relationship with a minor under age of consent.But rape and aggravated rape should be distinct from each other.Ofcourse aggravated rape is much more serious crime than the statutory rape and should get much more harsher punishment.
Mister_Man says2015-09-23T16:00:40.1786302Z
Steph - exactly. Consensual sex, even though one of the people involved isn't 18, isn't nearly as bad is non-consensual sex.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-23T17:13:07.1778925Z
But under 18 they can't consent to anything ... So it would make it non-consensual.
stephannoi says2015-09-24T02:48:53.0250309Z
Yes under age of consent is non-consensual sex because a minor isn't legally to give consent by law.But for aggravated rape it should be for a child under 12 because due to it can gives aggravated circumstances with serious injuries to the victim.For example :It is much more serious for a 10 years is rape,rather than a 14 years old have consensual sex with a 18 years old isn't it???
stephannoi says2015-09-24T02:50:02.5713851Z
And i agree with Florida laws : Capital sexual battery for a child under 12 will be punish life in prison or sentence to death.
dilordious says2015-09-24T02:55:55.3897235Z
Yes i agree with you stephannoi.While having sex with a child at 12 or older should not be a capital crime,but maybe a 2nd or 3rd degree felony with at least 5 or 10 years in prison.
dilordious says2015-09-24T03:00:56.4299938Z
Yes child rapist don't deserve to live.Although it's not always result in death in victim but they can injured seriously and destroy there life forever.
dilordious says2015-09-24T05:08:33.1912889Z
And yes i agree that there should be a life sentence or death sentence for having sexual intercourse with a child under age of 12 .
stephannoi says2015-09-24T05:25:29.8628399Z
Kennedy.V Lousianna said that there be no death penalty for child rape under 12 argue that the crime is a non-homicide
stephannoi says2015-09-24T05:29:31.0902788Z
But in my opinion in contrast to Kennedy.VLousianna opinion there should be life sentence and death penalty for aggravated assault crimes.It can be possible that the victim can die from serious injury but it's not always result in death.
countdooku says2015-09-24T05:43:15.2334608Z
Yes.In comparison it is just like saying :A robbery wants to rob a person money by stabbing them in the stomach a the victim injured seriously but did not die.If you ask yourself should the robbery sentence to life or death???
countdooku says2015-09-24T05:44:48.5936357Z
In my opinion ,certaintly they deserve to receive that sentence even if the robbery does not intend to kill the victim.
countdooku says2015-09-24T05:47:26.8902581Z
The same with child rapist.While child rapist have no excuse in saying sex with the victim is consented to or consensual because the term child rape,the victim can never able to consented to sexual act.
countdooku says2015-09-24T05:53:33.9470963Z
This should be distinct from statutory rape.While statutory rape ,the victim consented to sexual act but due to their age is under age of consent and aren't legally to give consent by law,the sex is still illegal even if the victim willingly to have sex with the defendant.
countdooku says2015-09-24T05:57:20.7718085Z
Ofcourse statutory rape should punish less severly than child rape.I think having sex with a child at age 12 or older should get charged for statutory rape with the statue unlawful carnalkowdlege but not child rape.
countdooku says2015-09-24T05:59:28.2714258Z
Child rape should only get charged for someone who have sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 12.
countdooku says2015-09-24T06:11:57.9065268Z
But like in some country there is an close in age exemption for a child at age 12/13 to have sex with someone who is not more than 2 years age difference apart.
countdooku says2015-09-24T06:12:32.1025076Z
I think this should be legalized.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-24T17:41:17.0233872Z
Idk ... I think thats something that needs to be assessed case by case (the fact of whether or not it is aggravated and what level of damage was caused). Just being a particular age should not call for automatic death penalty. Its true ... There was no homicide involved ... So putting someone to death over it might be a little overboard. I really think all crimes should stack by exact year in jail amounts ... And if it amounts to something beyond a certain amount (say your lifetime for example) then an execution might be in order. You could weigh the crimes appropriately such that capital offenses already put you at that limit. I dont consider this a capital offense by default, even though it is really really bad.
Mister_Man says2015-09-24T19:10:14.7718907Z
I don't think consensual sex should be ever considered rape. If the child involved is younger than 12/13/14 (average age to hit puberty), and the child said yes or made it abundantly clear that they wanted to be sexual, the charge should be child molestation at the most, not rape.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-24T19:21:15.0907701Z
But they cannot make it abundantly clear. They are incapable of doing that. Physically ... And by law.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-24T19:22:08.1931489Z
There is always ample reason to doubt the intentions of young people. They dont have the experience or wisdom to back their ideas.
countdooku says2015-09-25T00:55:39.5533246Z
@Mister_Man How could having sex with a child under age of 12 be consensual ??Unless there are being force or pressured,but that is called rape not consensual sex.
countdooku says2015-09-25T00:58:18.4609060Z
There are body is not physical mature to have sexual intercourse and they could suffer from internal injuries.Also there minds is not mature to make informed decision and the cannot understand what having sex is.
countdooku says2015-09-25T01:08:20.4440475Z
Also child molestation and child rape is the similar crime,because both involved in prepubescent children .While child molestation include other sexual contact such as sexual touch,if there is sexual penetration involved then it's child rape.
countdooku says2015-09-25T01:14:58.3512972Z
Both crime are devastating to children,but child rape is much more threatening because it also result in physical injury.
stephannoi says2015-09-25T01:22:45.6377018Z
Yes i agree countdooku.Although it should not be a capital offense for child molestation ,if the victim suffer mentally from molestation then they should get a treatment and the perpetrator should be at least 20 years in prison but not death sentence or life sentence.
stephannoi says2015-09-25T01:24:30.9390268Z
If the perpetrator commit child rape then they should be life in prison without parole and the crime should be capital.
Berend says2015-09-25T09:16:31.9417434Z
Any age below puberty.
Mister_Man says2015-09-25T14:02:14.6710694Z
@FBE - no offense but I hate this f*cking argument. We're discussing what the law should be, so to say "but the law says that is illegal" is just stupid. That's like saying "marijuana should be illegal because the law currently says it's illegal." However you're right about not being able to fully trust children to make informed decisions at a young age, which is why I would call any sexual act with someone under the age of puberty to be child molestation.
Mister_Man says2015-09-25T14:04:08.7560633Z
@countdooku - Just because someone hasn't hit puberty doesn't mean they don't want to be sexually active. Although I agree that children are less capable of making informed decisions, still knowing (for the most part) what you're doing and saying yes to it is consenting to it. It doesn't make it "okay," but it isn't non-consensual.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-25T19:33:45.7516453Z
Well I think it should be whatever the consenting age line is. Whatever you want to make that line. We can have a poll on why you think 17 should or should not be considered an age that can consent, and then you'd know where I stand on that already.
Mister_Man says2015-09-25T20:33:31.1964630Z
Well yeah, the whole argument would basically be what the age of consent should be. And I'd say about 13, when the kid hits puberty and is sexually "aware" of what they're doing, however if they want to have sexual relations with an adult, I'd say discretion on the adult's end is critical, and ensuring any kind of emotional hardship is not endured would be mandatory.
stephannoi says2015-09-25T23:18:29.2581865Z
Well actually some kid already hit puberty at 12.
stephannoi says2015-09-25T23:19:32.2209973Z
I remember when i was 12 i already hit the puberty.
stephannoi says2015-09-25T23:29:37.0134277Z
And i was sexual active.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T14:11:20.2675805Z
What about the parents? They should not be liable for consenting adults, financially or otherwise. If you can consent there, you can consent to work at a job, consent to emancipation, consent to dropping out of school, and any number of other things. I dont think at 12 that kids should be allowed to consent towards anything. Hitting puberty shouldnt be a mark of instant maturity. If anything they are even more unstable at that time. Its not a sudden night and day transition when you have your first period. Youre still young and making bad decisions. 12 and already sexually active? Our society would get nowhere if that was the standard here in the US.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T14:15:56.2524878Z
Also if you can cosent to sex then you consent to all the repercussions. You consent to legal repercussions. You consent to all legal action really. 12 and up would be able to receive the death penalty because their crimes could be considered pre meditated (which you cant properly have if you think the person incapable of making decisions or consenting to things. On the note of the families ... Were a 12yr old to have a child, youd have to be able to hold the 12yr old father and mother financially responsible for that child ... And neither can hold jobs at 12. What would you be doing to them?
Mister_Man says2015-09-28T14:42:26.9584181Z
You're saying if someone can have sex, they can do all of the above. A 13 year old is fully capable of having sex, but they aren't mature enough to have a job. If your point is that a 13 year old is incapable of raising a child, then I agree, that would be the only reason I'd agree with you that someone at that age should not be having sex. However as long as they're safe about it - there's plenty of things they can do to prevent a pregnancy - there's no real reason they can't have sex. There's a difference between having sex and working a full-time demanding job.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T14:53:00.2000552Z
They still have to be equipped with the tools to be able to raise a child ... Its up to the girl unfortunately. If something "accidental" happened ... Like we know they do and she chose to keep it ... Our boys are screwed with child support payments that they cant work for. Saddled with debt before they even go to highschool. If you thought a teen pregnancy in HS was a game ender ... Imagine what a 12yr old girl could do. I wouldnt even send my kid to a co-ed school if this was the reality here. That we'd let our 12 yr olds go out and have sex. I dont even want to know what kind of person that 12yr old must be, their personality whould be abhorrent.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T14:56:25.6092053Z
"There's a difference between having sex and working a full-time demanding job." Pregnancy is still a result of having sex. We havent sterilized them. Its going to happen. Especially among kids. It wouldnt matter how much farther forward you pushed sex ed on them. They still have a failing demographic when it comes to accidental pregnancy. Trending worse if you lower the age.
Mister_Man says2015-09-28T15:09:35.7605780Z
Unfortunately for me, I do agree with you that the main thing deterring kids from having sex at a young age is the possibility of pregnancy. If everyone's moral values were mine, I'd just legalize it and make abortion (via plan B pill) mandatory, but because that isn't gonna fly with hardly anybody, your side makes more sense, morally speaking. If I was 12 and had sex with a 12 year old girl, before we did anything I'd make sure she was mature enough to get a form of birth control (as well as condoms), so on the off chance something DID happen (and I do mean OFF chance, 0% for me so far, lol), we would be mature enough and prepared. I feel to make THAT illegal is wrong, because some kids are much, MUCH more mature than others. I understand the legalities of it save the majority of kids though.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T15:46:58.1983232Z
"I feel to make THAT illegal is wrong, because some kids are much, MUCH more mature than others." They might be. I guess thats social responsibility towards the rest of society biting us in the ass again. If you have to pull that choice from a few kids to ensure the gross majority dont fall to the wayside ... Maybe thats what you have to do for the good of everyone as a whole. I dont think there is anything meaningful that is lost if you have to wait to have sex just a few more short years ... Especially when youre supposed to be immersed in something much more important to society at that time ... Which is school. Advancing your sex life by a few years doesnt really pay dividends as much as advancing your education in arts or science does at that point in life. Whats a child at 12 going to learn from sex that they couldnt learn at 16, 18, 20? Maybe thats the real question. How would doing something like that at that point in their life affect them in the long long term?
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T15:47:19.8047387Z
"I feel to make THAT illegal is wrong, because some kids are much, MUCH more mature than others." They might be. I guess thats social responsibility towards the rest of society biting us in the ass again. If you have to pull that choice from a few kids to ensure the gross majority dont fall to the wayside ... Maybe thats what you have to do for the good of everyone as a whole. I dont think there is anything meaningful that is lost if you have to wait to have sex just a few more short years ... Especially when youre supposed to be immersed in something much more important to society at that time ... Which is school. Advancing your sex life by a few years doesnt really pay dividends as much as advancing your education in arts or science does at that point in life. Whats a child at 12 going to learn from sex that they couldnt learn at 16, 18, 20? Maybe thats the real question. How would doing something like that at that point in their life affect them in the long long term?
lordsidious says2015-09-28T18:30:08.7749999Z
There is nothing wrong ,when a 12/13 years old is sexual active at that age.In some countries the age of consent 12 or 13.
lordsidious says2015-09-28T18:32:32.8281701Z
And saying kids tend to make bad or frequently mistake decision that is absolutely not true.Compare countries with low local age of consent has lower rate of teen pregnancy and STD's infection than countries with high age of consent.
lordsidious says2015-09-28T18:37:41.1005490Z
By making age of consent higher doesn't solve the problem about teen pregnancy and STD's infection.But i agree even if we lowered the age there should still be an age difference.It's not going to be the way that an 12/13 can have free sex with someone who is much older than them like 30,40,50 years old,because that is wrong and an purely taking advantage/exploitation of a 12/13 years old.
lordsidious says2015-09-28T18:42:47.3707880Z
But if an 12/13 want to have sex with a minor who is close in age or with somebody is fewer years than apart like less than 10 years age difference,i think that is fine and acceptable and we should allow them to do that.
stephannoi says2015-09-28T18:56:48.4461858Z
@lordsidious Actually the purpose of age of consent law meant to protect young person from all form of sexual abuse/exploitation by adults.
stephannoi says2015-09-28T18:59:34.9629272Z
But i think it's not as worse if an adult is close in age or fewer years age difference apart like less 10 years age difference than minor because that is just the same like a minor close in age to other minor.
lordsidious says2015-09-28T19:27:51.1840547Z
Yes,if an adult is close in age or fewer years apart than minor,it's okay and i don't have problem with that.
lordsidious says2015-09-28T19:33:55.4305446Z
Age difference in my opinion it's important because it stabilize relationship between two partner so that there is not much power difference in way that a second person to have absolute influence and control on the young person to prevent abusive relationship.
lordsidious says2015-09-28T19:39:34.0974573Z
It's just children should not be allowed to have free sex with someone who is much older than them even if they can make informed decision or have full capacity understanding about having sex.
lordsidious says2015-09-28T19:42:13.3639283Z
Unless i agree if an 16-18 can have free sex with anyone at any age providing that they are not in the position of authority like legal guardian or teacher.
lordsidious says2015-09-28T19:52:53.3008263Z
But children under 16 i would generally support to have age difference limit.Because they don't know how to handle the situation in way that have legal right to stop abusiveness or have judgement to detect suspicious from a person who is much older than them and have advancement in life experience and they could be easily manipulated or pressured.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T19:57:05.7604812Z
"There is nothing wrong ,when a 12/13 years old is sexual active at that age.In some countries the age of consent 12 or 13." And in some countries women arent even given the right to consent at all. Whats your point? Because a few out there allow for it doesnt make it right.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T20:26:34.5536958Z
Lets put it this way ... You have sex for the first time when youre 16 ... Another person waits till theyre 19. By age 25 youre both in the same boat as far as sexual knowledge. What good does having a few extra years where you are having sex at 12 do anything? Having sex earlier doesnt better prepare you for anything. Also Im wondering why you people think youd be able to draw and keep the line at 12 when you cant even keep it at 18. What makes you think you are going to be able to draw up a capital offense for under 12yr olds when your society shows a trend towards child sexual consent going that way? People playing in the gray area there are going to push it farther and you will have justified them in it if the law did change in this direction.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T20:31:08.0893560Z
All that can be guaranteed to come of this is more people under the age of 18 being taken advantage of, and itll be legal, and also we can count on there being more heinous crimes committed against kids around the age of 12 because you pushed the gray area closer to that age group. You will have also fostered in a larger group of people into wanting to have sex with minors than before. Basically everything the way it is now with a peak shift closer to 12 instead of 18. That means more 9-11 year olds at risk by association, etc.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T20:32:29.9597304Z
Wont even go into how that would change the face of child porn and sex trafficking in this country ...
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-28T20:32:51.9561534Z
Wont even go into how that would change the face of child porn and sex trafficking in this country ...
countdooku says2015-09-28T22:27:26.9311835Z
Of course child sex trafficking and child porn will remain illegal,and what lordsidious said he didn't mean to say it should be legal.
stephannoi says2015-09-29T09:12:55.4919305Z
@ freedombeforeequality Taking advantage relationship occur only when there is an inequality between both partners in which there is an huge age difference between two or one stand in position of authority over the other.
stephannoi says2015-09-29T09:16:20.8230791Z
But if there is no such condition in the relationship happen then it's not an taking advantage.
stephannoi says2015-09-29T09:19:52.5659510Z
And if someone who is close in age and same age that's not an taking advantage either.Because both partners are equal in relationship.
countdooku says2015-09-29T09:29:51.5505124Z
Yes i agree step.Usually taking advantage occur when one partner seduced/lured the other one to engage in sexual activity.
countdooku says2015-09-29T09:31:59.8450900Z
In which the victim are unable to make their own decision.
countdooku says2015-09-29T09:33:57.4537361Z
But if the person is close in age to others or same age for what reason would you considered that as an taking advantage??
countdooku says2015-09-29T09:40:14.1497217Z
In my opinion,it's just doesn't make sense to considered as an taking advantage if both partners are fewer years apart in age and no one is stand on the position of authority of the others.
stephannoi says2015-09-29T09:52:08.9531885Z
And besides that,taking advantage is an non-consensual sex relationship because a person who are being taking advantage of ,they are not consented to engage sexual activity with the second person in the first place unless after they are being seduced/lured but that is still not consensual.
stephannoi says2015-09-29T10:01:28.7231531Z
And consensual sex happen where both partner consented and agreed to make commitment relationship.
stephannoi says2015-09-29T10:04:15.2251550Z
And no one manipulated the decision making of the others.
stephannoi says2015-09-29T10:10:35.2016621Z
And by applying age difference in relationship does not support sexual abuse/exploitation.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-09-29T20:05:55.8497257Z
So your solution to ensure no one is taken advantage of by massive age differences is to move the legal age of consent to 12 to effectively push 12yr olds and up into the same consent bracket as the rest of adults? Do you understand how backwards your solution sounds? Right now they cant be taken advantage of without legal recourse. Under your solution they will be able to be taken advantage of, legally. In what way are you going to judge whether the consenting 12yr old's consent is not being manipulated by the older individual? Youd basically be giving them the same respect towards consent that we do now (which is none) if youre allowed to call their judgement into question whenever the age doesnt suit your taste. Im not getting why youre on the other side of this argument ... Given your stances.
lordsidious says2015-09-30T01:17:52.6567356Z
@freedombeforeequality Whatever,i notice you don't get the point of what we are saying.Then beliefs what you think you don't have to follow our train of though.
lordsidious says2015-09-30T01:21:58.9655567Z
If you think age of consent is 18 is the best option then fine,but in my opinion not all people are on the same mature rate and just because you have reach eighteen birthday that doesn't mean you become magically mature all of the sudden comparable to an older adults.
lordsidious says2015-09-30T01:23:14.0478754Z
And besides,age of consent in most state of america is 16 not 18.
lordsidious says2015-09-30T01:26:28.6182283Z
@ Mister_Man And did you get the point of what we are discussing ?What do you think about age difference ?Do you agree/disagree?Please give us your opinion about that.
stephannoi says2015-09-30T15:25:00.8884306Z
@ Mister_Man It's true that in cananda there is an close in age exemption for 12/13 years old to have sex.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-10-13T16:38:21.5836502Z
I get what youre saying ... You want people younger than 18 (for example) to have to maintain some sort of 1 year apart age difference to make it ok. It wouldnt matter either way. Thats similar to giving out a learners permit license to a 16 yr old and expecting them not to get in to a wreck in a car. You can be 1 year apart or 10 years apart and still mess up the same as anyone else. Youre not protecting them from anything. Maybe you need to look more at the motives of the guys youd be allowing your daughter to have sex with at that age and see if allowing a relationship at 12 is something that would actually be beneficial for her.
lolitalover says2015-10-29T17:20:41.4431142Z
As soon as a girl reaches puberty. Which is usually 8 or 9 in these days. Little girls know what love is... You can't rape the willing.
countdooku says2015-10-29T23:42:41.1853037Z
Yeah,right actually there should be no age of consent,typically because children does not all reach the same maturity rate.
stephannoi says2015-10-29T23:56:07.8140554Z
Well,yes nowaday children reach puberty much faster than before.Before In the past, on average menarche is between age 14 and 15,but now it dropped to age between 12 and 13.
stephannoi says2015-10-30T00:00:33.1443179Z
This may because of various factor such as nutrition,food,environment,and genetics make our body change.
stephannoi says2015-10-30T00:07:43.3069901Z
This may because of various factor such as nutrition,food,environment,and genetics.
stephannoi says2015-10-30T00:08:38.6724548Z
Can change our human body immune system.
stephannoi says2015-10-30T00:10:08.9762633Z
Can change our human body immune system.
Godgirl says2015-11-14T14:52:09.9896858Z
Who is letting their 12 year old children have sex? I'm not even allowed to date until I'm 16 . . . .

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