Atheism vs Satanism which is more evil from an Abrahamic religion point of view?

Posted by: Stupidape

Which is more evil from a Christain, Jewish, or Islamic point of view?

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Satanism is more evil than Atheism.

12 votes

Atheism is more evil than Satanism.

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Both are more or less just as evil.

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KlemensVonMetternich says2016-09-08T00:52:57.0653460Z
Atheism is more evil than satanism both in the moral and realistic sense. Morally, atheism decides its own values and principles or derives its values arbitrarily from others and that makes it dangerous. Realistically, atheism has, hand in hand with other ideologies, been one of the largest destructive forces in the world. Demonstrated in facist and totalitarian regimes, most notably in Stalinist or Maoist communism or Nazism. Those who question this ignore the communist manifesto clearly stating the scourge of religion as well as Hitler's persecution of not only Jews, although most notably, but also of Christians within his regime.
reece says2016-09-08T01:57:01.9439925Z
I would give you guys Stalin and Zedong. But Hitler was definitely Christian. If not, he used the religion as a tool. As atheists Stalin and Zedong don't have any justification for what they did to the religious. Pol pot was a Buddhist I think.
reece says2016-09-08T01:57:49.9143000Z
Pol Pot*
Throwback says2016-09-08T02:06:54.2329892Z
Hitler was an apostate Catholic. To faithful Catholics he is nothing but an abominable pervert.
TheLordsKingdom777 says2016-09-08T03:19:58.1262909Z
Well I think that it is possible that Satanism is worse because it leads souls to hell and evildoing intentionally while the other (atheism) may or may not be trying to do this.
Skeptical1 says2016-09-10T12:51:55.1676226Z
Stalin and Mao did despicable things in the name their ideology - Communism. Just as Islam, Judaism and Christianity have done. Atheism is not an ideology, it is a lack of belief in God, nor more no less. It makes no sense to say people would do bad things in the name of atheism. That's like saying they would do bad things because they don't believe in unicorns, or bacteria.
Knaveslayer99 says2016-09-13T04:43:12.6146125Z
I love how you use pictures of Stalin, Mao and such just because their atheist them being atheist has nothing to do with what they did [Being fake totalitarian and ruining the image of Communism and committing horrific acts].

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