Atheists and Theists should be allowed to advertise their beliefs in public

Posted by: BblackkBbirdd

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Everyone should be allowed to

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No one should be allowed to

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No, just Theists should be allowed to

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No, just atheists should be allowed to

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joning.78 says2014-06-15T02:24:07.5046937-05:00
Dont know, but when we say no one should be allowed , that means no communication exchange. So both of them should not come and meet in the same teritory. It is when the end of time. Forever separation is the solution for this debate.
joning.78 says2014-06-15T02:30:15.2144089-05:00
Debate.Org is advertising atheists and theists already. Why both of them are not allowed? Meanwhile debate.Org is allowed?
Laprlev says2014-06-15T04:11:39.2244274-05:00
Your belief system is a matter of your own personal thinking. Personally, I don't believe in a "God," and I think that religion has hindered progress, but when it comes to these matters, it's just best to leave it up to the person. Don't shove metaphoric junk down someone's throat.
RedRum says2014-06-15T05:00:22.1645775-05:00
It's called freedom of speech people
BblackkBbirdd says2014-06-15T06:01:57.0517115-05:00
I was watching a video from Fox news and they were like 'American Atheists are offending Christians by putting up atheist billboards' and then the guy from American Atheists was like "you guys are offending atheists with your posters hypocrites" Personally I think the billboard thing is stupid, no one changes their beliefs because they saw a poster and they probably turn more people away that they get who side with them.
joning.78 says2014-06-15T12:44:55.2707321-05:00
Maybe you are right, blackbird. I dont know well in this case especially.
joning.78 says2014-06-15T12:55:04.5592017-05:00
Whether theist or atheist, we are all the same human, one thing for sure, we should look after each other in this world time.
Pentobean57 says2014-06-17T14:26:52.7099784-05:00
I agree with Blackbird that no one changes their beliefs because they saw a poster, and I personally think that everyone should be allowed because of Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion.
yetifivepecks says2014-06-19T22:27:21.3344721-05:00
I think it should be allowed, but that it can be annoying sometimes when done in an antagonistic or pushy fashion.

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