Atheists are (generally)...

Posted by: MassiveDump

Take these options or leave 'em.

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Demonized Namibian Antelopes

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mrsatan says2013-09-06T10:55:35.7346219-05:00
And yes, MassiveDump, I am suggesting that you are, in fact, an alien.... Or have possibly been hacked by one.
mikimii says2013-09-10T15:53:23.0121179-05:00
I honestly can't tell the difference between them and crazed up Christians sometimes. Both groups (sometimes) have the tendency to force their beliefs/views (whatever!) down you're throat.
funwiththoughts says2013-09-22T13:30:30.0363795-05:00
All nonhumans are technically atheists (as far as we know), so "humans" is actually incorrect!
MassiveDump says2013-10-13T10:31:24.1616266-05:00
@MrSatan, you understand that I'm not an Atheist, right?
funwiththoughts says2013-10-13T11:22:20.3731312-05:00
@MasssiveDump: His comment implied that the poll was created by an alien.
mrsatan says2013-10-13T13:16:46.5656452-05:00
@funwiththoughts: In regards to my comment, precisely! In regards to your first one, not sure about any other nonhumans, but I'm fairly positive cats could be considered Satanists.
mrsatan says2013-10-13T13:19:56.1404908-05:00
Although, I suppose Satanists would (or at least could) be atheists as well.

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