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Was born into a moderate family that occassionally went to church/temple

21 votes

Was born into a atheist family

6 votes

Was born into a ultra religious family

6 votes

Was born into a family of all sorts of different beliefs

5 votes

Was born into a agnostic/spiritual family

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The_Immortal_Emris says2014-06-12T16:58:45.0634833-05:00
I attended Catholic school for 12 years, which game me an incredible theological perspective. I was always agnostic though, waffling between outright atheism and deism. Still waffle a bit between the two, but I'm more of an anti-religion person than an anti-spirituality person. The organized religious groups are so divisive. You can see it on this site. The willful, fearful ignorance of those who feel their mythology is threatened by those who choose not to believe in it. America was founded by men who knew the dangers and excesses which come from organized religions. Yet we have a sect of our society attempting to control the ignorant through the manipulation of blind faith. We can see the divide growing, but no one on the radical right wants to do a thing to stop it. They instead, embrace the division, and dehumanize those they castigate and label as "sinners", which is an arbitrary judgement, and according to most Christian religions a sin of hypocrisy.
Formerland1 says2014-06-13T19:40:05.6983383-05:00
I went to catholic schools but just because they were more safe i hadn't been Christian after I read the bible and found out how strange and false it was no to Mention I was an evolutionary creationist agnostic border until age six i went full atheist after I was basicly told by a priest dogs go to hell . My mom was agnostic and my dad was atheist. So they decided I'd make my own choice and I did
lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-06-19T14:21:06.7691901-05:00
I was born into a religious family, but not too religious, upper-middle class. I was raised to believe in God, but was also raised to be intelligent. When I started looking into science, history, logic, philosophy, etc. I realized that there almost certainly is no God. I denied that for a few years, but eventually I became an atheist.

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