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No evidence

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Nothing exists but the natural world

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Religion is destrucive to society

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The idea of God is self contradictory

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An all powerful God wouldn't allow evil, and yet evil exists

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God wouldn't allow evil

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triangle.128k says2015-10-19T19:06:16.0913254Z
There are only 3 possible reasons in the world why atheists disbelieve in god.
TBR says2015-10-19T19:23:37.5985540Z
Not the worse selections, or wording triangle.
TBR says2015-10-19T19:25:18.9225025Z
If everything were just boiled right down... No evidence works just fine by me.
TBR says2015-10-19T19:33:34.8874718Z
I think, just an opinion, that from a religious perspective - understanding "lack of believe" is near impossible. From an atheists/agnostic perspective believe makes no sense, but we can "get it" better. That is, some understanding of what it might be to them.
Black-Jesus says2015-10-19T20:00:03.4793975Z
Didn't I do a poll like this months ago?
Bob13 says2015-10-19T20:29:22.9155651Z
Why is "no evidence" the most popular answer? There are tons of evidence.
TBR says2015-10-19T21:07:54.1499494Z
@Bob13 - If you can show evidence, you will be a zillionaire over-night. What you got?
TBR says2015-10-19T21:09:21.2109442Z
Please don't tell me it has anything to do with the shape of a banana, or how perfect the moon is.
TBR says2015-10-19T21:52:24.9326302Z
A user has hit me with a PM with the proof i ask for. It has taken the form of the Kalam cosmological argument. Now, before I get all grumpy and respond why that doesn't work as proof of a god, anyone else pro or con want to weigh in? Other godly members, is this proof of a god?
TBR says2015-10-20T13:58:04.9974318Z
OK. Well, since he, the PM person, nor bob are replying lets give a short answer. Kalam (anything "first casue") does absolutely nothing to prove God. What it does is only being infinite regress. Further, it is the worse begging the question. OK, no answer science? Well then - God did it. Seriously, if it were the perfect (or even great) proof of a god, we would be jumping up-and-down. It is not, however, and you still have a ton (or God does) work to do if you want to prove this.
drew15 says2015-10-21T22:38:57.9712784Z
There is tons of evidence that god exists
TBR says2015-10-22T13:46:26.3904720Z
@drew15 - Give it a shot.
pliko3 says2015-10-22T18:11:52.1046554Z
Why cant you just belive
TBR says2015-10-22T18:17:04.3990535Z
Who you asking pliko3?
annabethred9 says2015-10-23T23:21:58.1427419Z
The reason I don't believe in god isn't any of these..... Why do you believe in Islam? Christianity? Sometimes it's just a feeling. Just a.........Gut feeling and it's what I believe. I don't have an actual reason as to why. I might be somewhere between option 1 and 5, but still, my reason cannot truly be defined....
Mister_Man says2015-10-23T23:55:30.2132318Z
Love all these nonsense replies... "there IS evidence, but I won't tell you," or "why can't you just believe/have faith," or "you're lying to yourself when you don't believe the evidence you see." Any way to dodge the question because you don't have an answer. If there actually was evidence of God, 99% of people would believe.
boognish says2015-10-24T15:56:10.5257490Z
@Mister_Man In another poll asking "What is the basis for your belief in god (faith or evidence)", nearly 2/3 said "evidence." None have provided any evidence there either. Unless you count "the smell of hibiscus" or "We're here aren't we?" as evidence.
Bob13 says2015-10-26T00:22:30.2915388Z
@TBR I can see how you would interpret it as begging the question. The argument proves that something that is uncaused has to exist, and since that is impossible in the universe, it has to be something outside of our universe, and any uncaused being that exists outside of the universe fits my definition for God. Begging the question would be something based on lack of scientific proof, not logical proof. I think that science may have a sufficient explanation for the origin of life someday, and the origin of life is often used as an argument to prove God. The idea of life coming from something non-living seems ridiculous, but maybe the explanation is out there. The cosmological argument is based off the logic that an effect has a cause, and since that is logic, it's truth is unchangeable. However, when you are looking for a scientific explanation and use that as an argument, that is begging the question. My point is that questioning science is begging the question and is insufficient proof, while questioning logic is not.
SamWise0322 says2015-10-26T19:54:33.4925214Z
Im going to install my reasoning for being a atheist here on the comment board (mostly because my reasoning is not on this list). First off, im a young teenager that goes to a VERY liberal school in Utah (not a easy place to not have some sort of faith). One of the main reasons that I am a atheist is science. Science has shown great progress in our lives and has helped so many people, we cure diseases, make food etc. More specifically i want to focus on man-made substances. A higher overlord would not let us make such a despicable device such as plutonium. OR let us make out-of-earth materials such as, plutonium. In almost every bible/book of worship, there is always peace of some sort, and by-the-way no electricity or modern devices thus, we must be in hell- for we have lots of stress, hardship and pain in our lives. Anyway- in my opinion religion is just a scam. It makes no sense, there are so many different types of religion to choose from. Cheers- SamWise
TBR says2015-10-27T16:13:10.4816925Z
Sorry Bob. Didn't see reply till now. The jump to God is unnecessary using the logical proof too. Why add a god? That is the question. If your personal interpretation of a god is "any condition existing outside our universe" then fine. That is about the only way you can make that work.
16jcaldwell says2015-11-02T18:27:33.6954758Z
I am not religous anymore i got out of it because of reasons i dont really care but there is no eveidence in my statement
Black-Jesus says2015-11-02T20:30:01.9347714Z
benhos says2015-11-08T04:40:50.1156137Z
I will list my reasons for my disbelief in a god. (First two only apply to Christianity) -The Bible is full of contradictions that make no sense -The Bible is a cruel horrible thing that I refuse to follow -There is absolutely NO evidence supporting the existence of a god or god-like figure. -I just think logically and realize I already know how the universe was created (Big Bang) and it makes no sense. However I do know that anything is possible therefore I am agnostic.

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