Atlanta Falcons vs New England Patriots

Posted by: AidenF80

Falcons Or Patriots?

  • ATL Falcons

  • NE Patriots

23% 3 votes
77% 10 votes
  • Patriots are awesome

  • The Patriots have been my favorite team ever since I can remember. They have a really good defense (most of the time), as well as an incredible offensive line. We just need to get better linemen, and we will be all set. What I like the most, is that they are a second half team. What I mean is, they some how always come back in the majority of the games they are losing, especially the super bowl. Super bowl 51 was one of the most insane games to this day in my opinion. They came back 3 to 28 in the second half, and Malcom Butler clutched through. Even in Super bowl 49 did Malcom Butler get that insane interception right at the end. Though I do believe that no team is perfect, the patriots have never let me down. Fuck you bandwagons.

  • yeah new england

    Posted by: giant
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