Attack on Titan vs One Piece

Posted by: Aravengeance

My friend insists that One Piece is better than Attack on Titan by a long shot. I just wanna know what you guys think.

  • Attack on Titan

  • One Piece

49% 22 votes
51% 23 votes
  • Im biased. i've only seen shingeki. I can't get into one piece.

  • Having seen both, and enjoying both, aot just seems superior overall. The writing for the characters fits the situation, both choices main characters are generic, and aot has better action sequences.

  • I have seen both One Piece and AoT all the way through (unless they have released a new episode of One Piece cause we all know its going to happen) and I will pick a show about humanity on the breach of extinction fighting giants and most of the time getting killed vs a show about a bunch of guys on a boat with special fruit that grants them powers trying to find some artifact and become the pirate king any day.

  • first, This for the most part is based on the viewers personal opinion, All though by putting it objectively, Attack on Titan really delivers a much more intense, Emotionally stimulating and fiery story, While by zealousness, Both are an equal match, What i'm trying to say at this point is that, In the impartial fact of both shows, Attack on Titan really gives out laudable support on emphasizing the vehemence, As every characters involved, Brings such indelible roles throughout the chronicle of the whole show, To the fullest degree I love both shows, But in terms of what is pragmatic, Attack on Titan wins my Heart

  • Best anime that ever existed

  • i will be with yaa

  • They're hard to compare. One Piece has a unique art style that most modern views have a hard time liking. Think of it as an acquired taste in terms of cooking. Once you get past that though it has some of the best character development I've ever seem! The story archs are also amazing! As far as action goes, it may not be as gorey as AoT but its action sequences are more than enough. In terms of pure gore and violence, AoT is better. In terms of plot and character development (which I value more than violence), One Piece is better. Please note that I have finished the first and only season so far of AoT but was only on Ep399 of One Piece at the time I commented. Though I don't think that bias really matters.

    Posted by: Owlz
  • One pieceeee!!!!!1


  • Because One Piece has a really rich story.. Whenever i say i need to stop watching, i just can't because i feel like knowing what will happen next. Thats why i hate waiting every week. I really like AOT but One Piece is the best manga of the world.

  • One piece is wayyyyyy better that Attack on Titan, because it's battle scenes are very cool and I get the fact that Attack on Titan got popular with only 25 episodes and one piece has like 500 episodes. Attack on Titan only got popular, because it's on Netflix and on tv.

  • One Piece and AoT are both good anime but I prefer One Piece and here's a list of reasons: 1- Having watched 600 episodes of One Piece I can definitely guarantee you that there's lots of charachter development. I feel a connection with them, and they have a very detailed personality and you can understand why they are doing something. Whereas AoT has only 25 episodes and I do feel it is not fair to compare it with One Piece but I think it is needed because many people claim that AoT it is a masterpiece. I dont know how long AoT will be but I dont feel any connection with the charachtes whatsoever. At least for now. Also the story needs to develop so I will give some more time to AoT, in order to really judge if the charachters have a solid personality or not. 2- AoT has left so many questions unanswered, and also the pacing is very slow. Considering that AoT is not going to be a long ass anime like One Piece, I think it should have "explained " more the story and had something more to offer. One Piece in this case is better. The pacing is good, not too fast or too slow, and as you go through the arcs, more and more stories keep developing. You just feel like watching more and more. Although I have to point out that watching the first 60 or 70 episodes of One Piece are not enough to judge the whole anime. 3- The art style. AoT visuals are stunning so that is why many people decide to watch an anime only if they like the Art-Style. I can understand why people downvote One Piece when compared to anime like AoT. But One Piece has a unique art-style. It takes some time to get used to it and in my opinion it's really good. One Piece art-style lets the author create a vast variety of charachter and that is the thing I like about it.  One Piece's story is certainly much better developed, considering that it has been ongoing since 1999! So it's best not to call AoT a masterpiece, lets give it some time. For now One Piece wins.

  • One Piece has a bigger impact than SnK does to people who watched or read both of the series. One Piece has a very heart-touching story, while also having very good character development. SnK has a very sad story too, but the anime only has one season, and the manga only has 72 chapters. One Piece might be a shonen series (shonen series are directed to 11-15 year old boys, and they don't contain much romance) but since the story is so long it has lots of points where other audiences would like to see. Right now, SnK is very short. If it was as long as One Piece, then it would be easier to compare them. And since the two series are in different genres, it would still be really hard to compare the two even if they both have a long story. SnK is a darker kind of series. It's very gory, and it isn't for most viewers. People might find it disturbing, or scary. One piece, on the other hand , is kind of inappropriate at some points. There are some adult jokes, and some kids wouldn't like to continue the series at that point. one piece is better tho!!11!1 <:^)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) snk mite b gud but its 4 n00bs!!!!!!!!

  • okay AOT is good don't get me wrong but one piece has a better story line and characters, in AOT everyone's a soldier thats that but in one piece everyone's a pirate and they have individuality

  • Leave a comment (optional) Attack on Titan is good but I felt like One Piece you connect more with the characters. Also Attack on Titan just feels... well overused there are so many people I know who just say "oh I like anime" and I say "oh which ones" and then they say "Attack on Titan" and I say "and what else" and they say "oh just that one".... so you get the idea

  • because one piece is my favorite anime and one piece has titans too and they’re stronger and fatter and bigger and taller and older and cool and fast and powerful. Attack on Titan only have the harambe that is the strongest titan one piece has 3 they are big mama akiro and jack

    Posted by: Kai1
  • Ok so for some actual logic, I love both, But the world of one piece is incredibly well made, A lot of one piece characters completely blow away any character in AOT in terms of how well written, Interesting, Or cool they are. AOT and one piece both have a lot of mystery, And I would say for now AOT wins that category. The fights in one piece are far better, With only a few exceptional ones in AOT. Overall, One piece takes it easily

    Posted by: Doh
  • As much as I love attack on Titan, S123 don't hold a candle to one piece, But as much as I've heard the manga community hyping aot up i will say that it's current manga position may surpass one piece objectively. . . . But let's not forget that everyrhing that has happened so far in one piece have just been buildup for the final war arc, Celestial dragons, One piece, Marines, Black beard will of D etc(hella big etc) so either the climax arc can be a hot mess like naruto shippuden or it could potentially be the greatest manga arc in anime/manga, So i am going with one piece, Cuz even with the story one piece has put up so far it is already wayyy superior to what aot has put up, Marineford and ennies lobby those two arcs as single story arcs solo aot s123 in my opinion atleast, And even if you argue otherwise you can max say that they are equal but my point stands one piece overall is superior, Aot is superior only in terms of plot twists and main character (main character is close asf cuz Luffy is wayy deeper than you think just watch countless analysis on him) but rest they are even or One piece is superior, Like worldbuilding, Side characters, Politics, Thematic presentation(equal), Symbolism(equal, Just youtube symbolisms in one piece you will know you are sleeping on it). . . . So the final takeaway is please read one piece if you already haven't have

  • They are both amazing in their own way and there are many reasons I say One Piece is better but I'm too lazy

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Owlz says2014-04-02T07:16:29.1029056-05:00
Aravengeance, I agree with your friend but I believe that It ultimately comes down to the desires of the individual. If you value gore, overly dramatic characters, fewer story archs, and Armin (he's awesome) then AoT is better for you. If you are ok with a saga type anime (lengthy), can grow to love eccentric characters, appreciate multiple good story archs, are ok with some-what cheesy moves occasionally being used during action sequences, are stubborn enough to stick with the anime by not bailing before the first hundred episodes (most people in the US aren't) then One Piece is better for you.
Owlz says2014-04-02T07:22:21.5753088-05:00
If you have anymore questions feel free to ask 'em. I'll check back periodically.

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