Australia vs Indonesia: Who would win in a war?

Posted by: Pope_of_Hermitan

If Australia and Indonesia declared war on each other who would win? This is not taking into account allies of each country just the countries be themselves.

  • Australia

  • Indonesia

78% 18 votes
22% 5 votes
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The-Voice-of-Truth says2015-05-04T08:28:52.8539096-05:00
It all depends on several things; here are 3 big factors: 1) the make-up of each nation's military, 2) various possible tactical dispositions that vary depending on the circumstances, and 3) the moral of the forces and the willingness to fight.
The-Voice-of-Truth says2015-05-04T08:29:09.1717188-05:00
Based off of numbers, Indonesia would win.
Russia_The_almighty says2015-05-04T17:06:10.1863424-05:00
@The-Voice-of-truth This would be an excellent war debate. Based on my research Australia has the f-18 super hornets in its air force because of 'Merica, considered one of the best fighter aircraft in the world. This would be a close war, but in the end, Australia could win, but it all depends on the commanders. If I did this with you, you have a better chance at winning because, well from what I've seen in your war debates, you seem to be the better general. However later on when I learn more about being a commander, then that could be different.
Pope_of_Hermitan says2015-05-05T20:24:14.1450341-05:00
Russia_The_almighty I would like that very much.
jayjay24 says2016-05-06T10:57:07.7675024Z
I am Australian, but Indonesia has a lot more people in their defence force, and it would take too long for the US and the UK to get here to help us. People underestimate Indonesia a lot. They actually have a very good defence force. We have a very small defence force considering the land size of our country.

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