• Bacon

  • Sausage

77% 37 votes
23% 11 votes
  • Because bacon.

    Posted by: U.n
  • It's damn tasty thats why! Bacon to me has more flavour and I can eat it all day...

  • bacon is BAE

  • Why are you even treating it like a contest...?

  • Lets be honest now guys...bacon is just tasty. I love a good sausage (innuendo meant) but bacon is just godly!!!

  • haha 90% to bacon pretty much sums it up. Bacon is a delicacy, the gorgeous mouth watering fatty taste of bacon with unparallel. Sausages are alright but I do not look forward to sausages as meal compared to bacon. Their is no subsitute for bacon as seen in sausages where tofu and chicken taste similar. I feel sorry for those unfortuate pelates that have never been graced with such deliciousness. I 'm going to stop there before I start drooling.

  • bacon tastes sooooo much better and you can rap it around pork chops try doing that with a sausage

  • without bacon the earth would exploed and the universe would fall

  • Less fatty and still pretty yummy.

  • Guys come on now, with a sausage you get more bang for your buck! But also, you can have the option of wrapping your sausage IN BACON!!!!! can't wrap bacon in sausage!

  • I would choose bacon, but the above poster has a point. You really CAN wrap a sausage in bacon. Now THAT would taste GOOD!

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TheObsidianGamer says2016-04-04T02:22:02.6224360Z
Holly_da_shrimp you know bae means poop right? Source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Bae
Anitabab01 says2018-07-03T12:46:56.0186370Z
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Sophie-G says2019-09-19T13:41:53.7728494Z
Come on people it"s sausage you really want!
Sophie-G says2019-09-19T13:43:23.1253403Z
Come on people it"s sausage you really want!

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