Barack Obama VS Mitt Romney

Posted by: SolSun

This is where you can vote for a president, where nothing may change, and your age does not matter.

  • Barack Obama

  • Mitt Romney

57% 13 votes
43% 10 votes
  • they both suck ass but romney sucks more.

  • Obama isn't perfect, but I truly believe he is a better President than Romney could have ever been.

  • Mitt Romney is a devil bankrupting corporation that need financial support just to get money.

  • he has make made some positive noticeable channges

    Posted by: vasa
  • I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about Obama as I was when I first voted for him, but a Rmoney presidency would have been an unmitigated disaster for all but the wealthiest people.

  • Remember when Obama mocked him for warning that Russia wanted Crimea? This guy lives in the real world where the enemies are tyrants and terrorists, not members of Congress who dare to disagree.

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UCS123 says2014-03-30T14:42:46.9204868-05:00
That's a tough one. I don't know which is worse.
discomfiting says2014-04-06T06:02:04.9622352-05:00
@conservativelogic Mitt romney was not right about crimea; specifically he said Russia was our number one geopolitical foe, not that Putin would invade Ukraine and is a biggest threat to our national security. Which means any of the middle eastern countries, North korea or any other country is less of a threat to U.S.A's national security. To an extent Russia is a geopolitical enemy but there was bigger ones. Also, no he doesn't live in the real world lmao. He makes about $42.5 million a year and pays $6.2 million dollars in taxes and owns 5 giant mansion sized houses, has his own planes and basically just buy whatever he wants whenever he wants. Lmao. He pays about 5x money in taxes per year than any of use will make in our life times.

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