• Baseball

  • Soccer

38% 23 votes
62% 38 votes
  • Doesn't consist of pussies falling over every 5 seconds to get a free kick

  • Baseball has lots of teamwork. In baseball there is always something you can do, if you're bored you're not playing correctly. Baseball is a thinking mans game. You have to think about who to throw the ball to, who is paying attention, how fast a batter is, whether the batter is left or right handed, where the runners are, and who you need to back up. With two people you can play a game of soccer. But with two people playing baseball the game will be dysfunctional. Baseball is very much a team sport.

  • I guess i think baseball is better because I've played baseball more than soccer.

  • because it isnt gay and is not american. And we don't flop

  • Soccer is a much better definition of a team sport then baseball is. In soccer, everyone gets involved whereas in baseball people are just standing around for most of the game.

  • Soccer is better in baseball you just hit a ball with a bat and try to catch it soooooooooo borringggg

  • For one, it's one of the most popular sports. It's played in a lot of countries while baseball has some popularity, but not as much. Americans really only care about the MLB. In soccer, it's not just American soccer. There's the Premier League, The World Cup, The Champions League, and more. There's always action in soccer and no commercial breaks until halftime. There's also no stoppage unless it's halftime, a substitution, an injury, or something else. People play and there's stuff to watch. In baseball, it's a slow pace game with so many commercial breaks and long stops between pitches. Outfielders stand around most of the game. Batters have to wait to bat.

  • Because it helps more and it is more fun

  • Soccer players run the most at 7-9 miles per game, whereas baseball players run a whopping .046 miles per game. Soccer is way better

    Posted by: ewsbsk
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Justin1984 says2018-05-20T13:05:05.1950697Z
So basically you have to choose between watching paint dry or watching grass grow. Both are horribly boring and borderline unwatchable. This is why they sell alcohol at these events. Only a drunk person can sit through this and be entertained.
SirNoodles518 says2018-05-20T14:04:55.3745373Z
@Justin1984 I enjoy watching football and I'm too young to drink
SirNoodles518 says2018-05-20T14:13:58.9097373Z
@Justin1984 I enjoy watching football and I'm too young to drink
smokey0990 says2018-06-21T05:14:50.6543229Z
I feel like getting drunk is a mandatory part of enjoying any sport. How did I end up in this section?

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