• Basketball

  • Football

54% 32 votes
46% 27 votes
  • Slamming other people does not seem like much fun, does it?

    Posted by: Rijad
  • Football should be outlawed for people under 25 because of the scientific evidence that shows tackle football is causing irreparable damage to the developing brain.

  • Im bias but also NfL players get a lot of CTE and that will hurt them in the long run.

    Posted by: opm
  • Basketball is so much more exciting.

  • not even close

  • Murder with kids now of days is more common, Ripen heads of with the facemask is more quite possible. The NFL will go like mutant league. . . .

  • I love basketball but Football will always be better. Frankly I like the NBA better than the NFL but College Football is the best everytime.

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