• Batman

  • Superman

75% 27 votes
25% 9 votes
  • I'M BATMAN!!!!!!!

  • Batman owns multiple kryptonite weapons. Superman's hopeless

  • Batman can create his own Kryptonite armour, which is Superman's weakness.

    Posted by: Phu
  • He has kryptonite fists

  • This depends if the author meant a fight or on Story quality. As this question does not specify we take them with morals as in the comics. If superman and Batman had no morals Superman would stomp batman. Superman is faster than the speed of light and would rush batman and kill him in a punch. If there are morals Batman would not kill Superman but as shown in many comics Batman would beat Superman. If based on the story quality it depends on the author but from another point of view you see an alien(Superman) fighting a few aliens and some humans and his arch-nemesis is a human who fights him using technology and Kryptonite(Superman's weakness). Batman fights against humans most of the time and sometimes supervillains(rarely) and his arch-nemesis is considered the best villain in comic history(Joker).

  • Batman doesn't need superpowers to bring justice, he uses his intelligence.

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Jacobcoffman says2015-11-26T17:34:47.0781987Z
Actually superman has defeated several kryptonite based such as conduit and kryptonite man and has even survived his blood being turned into kryptonite and e could just fly up into the sun and become invulnerable
batman23 says2016-04-05T19:19:05.7689734Z
Superman has sidekicks two

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