• Batman

  • Captain America

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21% 5 votes
  • In a straight up head to head fight, Cap would probably take it. But Batman would not fight him head on like that. He would use the shadows and his superior fighting skills to take the Captain out.

  • Cap is stronger, but that hasn't been an issue for Batman before. Once you get past strength, realize that Batman knows 150 martial art styles, whereas Cap only knows Judo. All Batman has to do is pick a style that is especially good against Judo and he's all #gucci.

  • Used his money to make himself a super hero. Captain America had the government make him one.

  • batman is a boss

  • I've seen this debate so many time and i thought i'd leave my opinion this time . Captain america has an advantage when it comes in strength, speed and agility. Batman has an advantage when it comes to a wide array of weaponry. Both are great fighters who have mastered multiple fighting style though one thing separates them, the captain would approach a fight like a soldier while the bat would fight like a ninja. The cap is more of a head on fighter with his shield as his common weapon. Bats is more of a combination of short to long range fighter though he prefers long range when fighting foes who are stronger than him. When it comes to martial arts technique id put them equal. The only way to settle this fight is to imagine them fight, both at their best fighting each other. And i think the bat would always come on top no matter wha, here's why: i know captain america has an indestructible shield, and his fans would say, he has dodged bullets why cant he dodge batarangs. His shield's size allows him to cover from his chest down to his waist, if he puts it up to his head he can barely cover is entire upper body leaving a part of his belly and legs wide open. I dont know why caps foes keep on aiming at his shield well in fact they know it can't be destroyed . Its like his enemies are saying "hey look its captain america and his shield, but wait a huge part of his body is not coverdd by shield, lets aim for it, but wait, screw it, lets just aim for the shield and hopefully it breaks before he can attack us". Captains opponents keep on doing this stupid form of attack over and over again which batman wont. Batman is like a doctor. He will break down his opponents and attacks at all angles.it's what he always does specially with opponents stronger than him. HRemember that a bullethas one direction and its going straigth, though its fast, it can be dodged specially if u are captain But batarNg can change in direction depending in how batman throws it .he throws smoke bomba, 2 common batarangs, 3 grenades at ur feet and more explsive batarang either going to ur side or going past u and returns back to strike ur back and more electric batarangs. He also throws ice pellets nd electric pellets or flash bombs or even gadgets that produce sonic waves.put in grappling hooks, ropes and nets. He can do these thing in different sets of combinations evrytime. Now tell me how can captain even block those with a shield that covers a minimal part of the body? Captain maybe strong, but he's not superhuman at all, if a bomb explodes at him, it will hurt him.all weapons in batmans arsenal willk hurt him or could kill captain if batman wants to. If the fight gets close batman has electric knuckles and therfore equalizing captains strenght advantage. Dont exaggerate captains strenght, he's no superman at all and batman is not a wimpy kid, hes at the peak of human strenght, the best any human can attain. Captain may have faced lots of enemies and is highly experienced, but this time he is facing a ninja. I dont know if he has faced a ninja before in the comics but even if he did, batman is the best ninja he will face so the captain is really gonna have a hard time though he is a soldier. The shield when thrown is dangerous but batman is so good that he can learn the trajectory of it in the course of the fight. Thats what he does, he breaksdown and studies even during a fight. Even if batman gets hit by it, its not gonna put him down. He may get grazed(which hurts still but wont knock him out. Besides he has armor that will minimize damage. In case he gets hit (if he will be hit) i dont think he will allow it twice. He will find a way to hinder the trajectory of the shiel so it wont return to captain or hit batman he can do it by throwing a batarang or anything and a slight change of the way the shield is flying can change the whole trajectory. Besides, a couple of times the shield didnt return to captain specially when he fought tough opponents. He tend to find a way to go and Get the shield back which batman wont allow it. And how cud captain get it if he's getting a barrage of attacks from batman. If the fight take place in the night or in some strange building or in a jungle full of trees, the captain wont stand a chance. Batman will use the environment to his advantage. Thats what he does best. If the battlefield is a plain arena, captain has a beter chance but batman will still win . His wide range of weapons is too much for a single shield. Batman doesnt need to destroy it. He only needs to negate it. So sorry captain. Another thing, batman also has this booster type of gadget that send people flying like that in 'under the red hood' and justice league war. So, once again lesser chance for captain. Maybe not even a chance

  • Honestly there is no way to actually tell but Cap has the same amount of skill as batman. He has done just as much training and is passionate about what he fights for. Batman is just doing what he does out of sadness and rage giving cap the ultimate advantage over him. They are both skilled warriors but skill comes before tech.

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Mikal says2014-04-30T01:37:50.0436729-05:00
I would almost take a debate on this
SNP1 says2014-04-30T08:36:15.5609990-05:00
Depends on WHERE they fights and if they were prepared for it.

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