Batman vs. Flash

Posted by: llbatmanII

The fastest man alive vs. The worlds greatest detective

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And batman

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adesh.epixel says2017-06-08T10:47:47.8729864Z
This article tells how compelling Jewish lobby groups and political elites are in getting their concerns catered and desires favored due to their numerical superiority, in which are sourced from being the most influential and powerful people collectively. This is why mandatory voting's impact is needed. The impact of this policy is to seismically level the playing field when it comes to magnetizing votes. Since, the policy renders any sly and unfair tactics undeployable, saving the marginalized groups of political inequalities.
Luisthebest says2017-06-14T16:59:09.2850935Z
Boi if you dont stop
Anonymous says2017-06-22T04:19:45.7596256Z
This is a dang ploy!
Wixzel says2018-01-29T16:06:51.4803727Z
And batman is the superior hero to Batman, you guys should know that.

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