• Batman

  • Iron Man

53% 25 votes
47% 22 votes
  • Iron Man would destroy Batman, but Bruce would destroy Tony.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • Iron Man has superior intelligence and superior armor, if matched on a regular day basis (so they have their average stuff) Iron Man would win. Given time to plan ahead it would be a very close battle.

  • Iron Man has superior techs than Batman.

  • im batman

  • Iron Man has missiles and guns in his suit.He also can fly which gives him a major advantage. If Batman tried to hide in the shadows all Iron man had to pull out a flashlight to spot Batman

  • iron man is better because iron man has a better villains than batman.

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MrRipples says2014-03-18T20:56:56.6638329-05:00
Batman would win, a single EMP grenade and Iron man would be useless, we wouldn't even be able to move. I have done my research, asking several people at various comic book stores and at comic con along with internet research. Batman wins hands down.
SNP1 says2014-03-18T21:05:21.9069165-05:00
MrRipples: Wrong, EMP would stop any electric reaction, but many of Iron Man's suits run off of Chemical reactions, where EMPs would be useless. I have done my own research, even asked writers for Marvel and DC. Iron Man would defeat Batman, but Bruce would defeat Tony.
imawesomedude says2014-04-12T02:41:32.4603216-05:00
If they foughtwith their suits on, ironman definitely wins. He has a titanium suit with : enhanced strength, speed, flight, missiles, plasma blasts and durability. What does batman have with his suit? Just a bullet proff vest that gives some space for his inferior gadgets compared to iromans

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